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Maryland Transportation System Performance
2012 Annual Attainment Report Highlights


The Maryland Department of Transportation (MDOT) is responsible for building, operating, and maintaining a safe and seamless multi-modal transportation network.  MDOT's mission is to: Enhance the quality of life for Maryland's citizens by providing a balanced and sustainable multimodal transportation system for safe, efficient passenger and freight movement.  By following this mission, MDOT strives to achieve our vision of a world-class multimodal transportation system that supports a vibrant economy and an excellent quality of life for all Marylanders.  To accomplish this, the Maryland Transportation Plan establishes a 20-year vision through a series of Statewide goals and objectives. To track MDOT's progress on meeting these goals and objectives, MDOT publishes an Annual Attainment Report on Transportation System Performance to identify successes, challenges, and strategies for improving the transportation services delivered to Maryland residents. This website reports on a subset of the Annual Attainment Report and includes historical performance data, information on recent actions taken to improve performance and a summary of key future strategies planned to further improve performance. A copy of the complete Annual Attainment Report is available here.



Quality of Service

An efficient and reliable transportation system


Safety and Security

Safe and secure travel for all residents and visitors


Preservation and Operations

A well preserved, managed and operated system


Environmental Stewardship

Protection and mitigation of environmental impacts


Connectivity for Daily Life

An integrated and multimodal transportation system


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