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Maryland Department of Transportation (MDOT)
Base Realignment and Closure (BRAC)

Project Development Process

Insofar as BRAC does not bring new and different sources of funding with it, it will be necessary to work within our existing financial capabilities and address the most important needs. The Department’s draft BRAC Action Plan reflects funding commitments made in the Department’s approved FY 07-12 CTP and contains many projects supporting BRAC changes at the various military installations. As the impacts of BRAC related growth continue to be realized, MDOT will continue working with its State and local partners to identify changing priorities and also exploring creative new funding mechanisms that can bolster our traditional Transportation Trust Fund sources.  The Draft FY 08-13 CTP was released in the fall of 2007.  After receiving public and local input, MDOT revised the plan and submitted it to the Governor.  The FY 08-13 CTP was presented to the legislature in January.  The process is described in further detail below.

How the Maryland Department of Transportation Funds Projects

Annually, MDOT releases the State Report on Transportation (SRT)– a vision of what the transportation system should be and a plan of how that vision will be achieved.  The first part of the report, the Maryland Transportation Plan (MTP), sets a vision with goals and policies to guide transportation decision making over the next 20 years.  The CTP is updated every five years to reflect changes in transportation policy priorities.  MDOT will be updating this plan over the next year, publishing it in January 2009.  The Draft CTP is the second section of the State Report on Transportation.  It describes how MDOT will achieve its goals, listing projects to be funded over a six-year period.  Every year, a draft CTP is presented to local elected officials and citizens throughout Maryland for comment.  Then it is revised and submitted with the Governor’s budget to the General Assembly in January, for approval.  As a companion piece to the SRT, MDOT publishes an Annual Attainment Report on Transportation System Performance.  This report documents how MDOT is achieving its goals and objectives based on a series of performance indicators.  The performance indicators presented in the report are also intended to help MDOT and the citizens of Maryland asses the improvements that are being made and the resulting performance benchmarks based on the amount of investment.

The CTP is Maryland’s six-year capital budget for transportation projects. The Capital Program includes major and minor projects for the MDOT and the modal agencies and related authorities within the Department, including the Maryland Aviation Administration, the Motor Vehicle Administration, the Maryland Transit Administration, the Washington Metropolitan Area Transit Authority, the State Highway Administration, the Maryland Port Administration, and the Maryland Transportation Authority. Working together with Maryland’s citizens, local jurisdictions and the local and State delegations, projects are added to the CTP, which preserve transportation system investments, enhance transportation services and expand transportation opportunities throughout the State. 

Maryland also has a unique process to gather public input from every jurisdiction, a process stipulated by State law, requiring the Secretary of Transportation to visit with, and present to each of the State’s county jurisdictions and the City of Baltimore, the draft CTP, for comment.  This process is known as the Secretary’s annual capital program tour.  In addition to the State law, MDOT has reinstituted a long-standing process of collaboration that expands upon this communication process with the local jurisdictions. To begin this process, MDOT officials initiated a series of priority meetings in April through May 2007, and continue a second series of transportation priority meetings throughout the fall of 2007, in anticipation of the actual MDOT tour meetings.  These priority meetings between MDOT and local authorities and Baltimore City assist in maximizing the impact of available funds in every corner of the State.



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