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The Maryland Bikeways Program supports the Governor’s Cycle Maryland initiative to promote biking as a fun, healthy transportation alternative that is great for our environment.  The Bikeways Program provides technical assistance and grant support for a wide range of bicycle network development activities. The Program builds connections to work, school, shopping and transit using local roads and shared-use paths.

The Maryland Bikeways Program:

  • Makes needed connections: This program will help complete those missing links identified in the MDOT Trails Plan.
  • Supports Maryland's bikesharing efforts: successful bike sharing depends on a safe, connected network of roads and trails to connect local destinations. The Maryland Bikeways Program will help build the infrastructure needed to ensure success of bike sharing in Maryland.
  • Leverages our past investments: Bikeways projects will connect to Maryland’s existing bicycle facilities, helping to maximize their use.
  • Complements existing state, local and federal programs: The Maryland Bikeways Program is just one of many programs available to support bicycle facilities. The program is designed to address key funding gaps for bicycle projects.

How does the Bikeways Program help Maryland?
The Maryland Bikeways program presents a unique opportunity to support Maryland's economy, environment and quality of life. The Bikeways Program will help to:

  • Stimulate the economy: recent studies have shown that bicycle infrastructure creates jobs and stimulates local economies. For more information, see the The Great Allegheny Passage Economic Impact Study and a  Baltimore Case Study, Estimating the Employment Impacts of Pedestrian, Bicycle, and Road Infrastructure.
  • Achieve cost-savings for households and government agencies: Transportation is the second largest household expense. Bicycling is an affordable alternative that can reduce household spending on transportation.
  • Promote the health and well-being of Maryland residents: Increasing physical activity can reduce health risks.
  • Protect the environment: Increasing bicycle travel will help meet Maryland’s goals for reducing air pollution and greenhouse gas emissions.