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The Bikeways Program provides technical assistance and grant support for a wide range of bicycle network development activities. By building connections to work, school, shopping and transit using local roads and shared-use paths, the program supports the Cycle Maryland initiative to promote biking as a fun, healthy transportation alternative that is great for our environment.


The Maryland Bikeways Program:

  • Makes needed connections: This program will help complete those missing links identified in the MDOT Trails Plan.

  • Supports Maryland's bikesharing efforts: successful bike sharing depends on a safe, connected network of roads and trails to connect local destinations. The Maryland Bikeways Program will help build the infrastructure needed to ensure success of bike sharing in Maryland.

  • Leverages our past investments: Bikeways projects will connect to Maryland’s existing bicycle facilities, helping to maximize their use.

  • Complements existing state, local and federal programs: The Maryland Bikeways Program is just one of many programs available to support bicycle facilities. The program is designed to address key funding gaps for bicycle projects.