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Applications for Maryland Bikeways Program funding are now being accepted. 
Applications are due by June 5th, 2014.


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Two web-based interactive maps were created to assist in completing and reviewing Bikeways applications.  As noted in the application, applicants are not required to use these maps. 

About the Bikeways Program

The Maryland Bikeways Program supports Governor O’Malley’s Cycle Maryland initiative to promote biking as a fun, healthy transportation alternative that is great for our environment.The Program supports projects that maximize bicycle access and fill missing links in the state’s bicycle system, focusing on connecting bicycle-friendly trails and roads and enhancing last-mile connections to work, school, shopping and transit. On-road bicycle projects, such as bike lane striping, sharrows, and wayfinding signage are eligible for funding. Off-road shared-use path and trail projects are also eligible for funding. Eligible project types include:

  • Feasibility assessment and Design of proposed or potential bikeways to assess issues, such as environmental impacts, right-of-way issues, ADA compatibility, local support, and cost estimates.

  • Minor Retrofit including bicycle route signing, pavement markings, parking, drainage grate replacement and other minor retrofits to enhance bicycle routes.

  • Construction of bikeways, generally leveraging other sources of funding, such as Transportation Enhancements, Maryland Heritage Areas, etc.

Only public agencies are eligible to apply for Bikeways Program funding. Program criteria and requirements are in place to target the Bikeways Program to priority areas. More detail on the targeted areas and other program criteria and requirements is provided in the funding application instructions.


Program Guidelines and Resources:

Applicable design standards and guidelines include:


2015 Bikeways Project Awards               

(September 5th, 2014) As part of the O’Malley-Brown Administration’s Cycle Maryland Initiative, Governor Martin O’Malley and Lt. Governor Anthony G. Brown today announced $2.3 million in Bikeways Program Grants to fund 23 projects in six counties and 8 municipalities. The Maryland Bikeways Program, which is administered by the Maryland Department of Transportation (MDOT), supports the design and construction of projects that create and improve bicycle connections in Maryland to key destinations, like work, school and shopping.  A map and complete list of projects is available at these links:


2014 Bikeways Project Awards




  2013 Bikeways Project Awards        



For more information, please contact the MDOT Office of Planning and Capital Programming by e-mail at
:  or phone at 410-865-1277.