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Cycle Maryland Showcase

Show us how YOU cycle Maryland

Do you ride for your health, or to save a few bucks?
Do you cruise for leisure, or seek out a thrill?
Are you an expert city cyclist, or do you prefer country roads?
Do you load up with cargo or travel light?
Solo or group riding?
Fat or skinny tires?
Business suit or spandex?

May is national bike month. It’s the perfect time of year to get out on two wheels, breathe deep, stretch your legs, and get a new perspective on the places you pass through. From the mountains of Garrett County to the flatlands of the Shore, Maryland is a great place for cycling.

Help us showcase cycling in Maryland and encourage others to get out and ride. Upload a photo and fill in the short form below, telling us about how YOU cycle Maryland. We’ll feature these photos in the Cycle Maryland showcase gallery. Your photo (and story) become part of the Cycle Maryland story.

Showcase Form




Jerome Glick 

Capital Crescent Trail

For fun.

Looking down from the historic Rock Creek Trestle, one can see the Rock Creek Trail disappear into a lush world of green.



Jerome Glick 

Capital Crescent Trail

It was a nice day.

The Rock Creek Trestle has stood since 1892 and used to carry trains until the 1980s, now reincarnated as a bicycle/walking bridge. How nice of a way to prolong the service of historic structures!


Jerome Glick 


To explore the antique shops and carry our findings home.

Bikes can carry more than we expect.



Jerome Glick 

C&O Canal Towpath Trail (50 miles in a day!)

For the pure fun of it/to get home from church retreat.

There are many campsites along the Potomac River where freshwater pumps are stationed at intervals.


   John Ingalls
   To do some backyard sightseeing.

 Pratt Street, as briefly liberated in 
 preparation for the '11 Grand Prix.


   Hiro Iseki
   NW Branch Trail
   For commuting to UMD
   One day in February


   Hiro Iseki
   NW Branch Trail
   For commuting to UMD
  The trail changes for each season. This
  photo is one from the last fall. I could not
  help stopping and taking pictures of this
  beautiful scenery. 


Name(s):   Ian Cooper 
Where You Rode:   Silver Spring 
Why You Rode:   Commuting 
  Tired of being forced to use bike lanes
  when they are, in effect, suicide lanes.  
When the road is better (or even if it 
  isn't), I should have the right to use it.



   Jeff La Noue
   Holiday Lights Route
  Fun and festive ride in Charm City!

   Malindi Lankatilleke & Jeff La Noue
   Holiday Lights Route

The miracle on 34th Street - holiday lights




   Mavishka Lankatilleke

   Tour du Port 


  Mavi biked 24 miles for the first time!




Malindi Lankatilleke

Jones Falls Trail in Baltimore

Excercise after work

The JFT has beautiful scenery

Aaron Redsicker

Patapsco State Park

For the thrill

Dirt is sweet



Fran Horan
Columbia MD 
Commute to work
I'm able to ride half my commute on the Columbia trail system and see beautiful sights like this on Lake Elkhorn.





Patrick McMahon

Privateer Day Festival in Fell's Point

It's fun, good exercise, easy to park, and doesn't pollute the Chesapeake or our air

Cargo bikes seem expensive, except when compared to auto repairs, and they'll make your kids love cycling.

Nate Dave Carol Cory Darryl Jim Victor Brian Morgan
Stony Run Trail, curbs & berms of Baltimore
Urban Mountain Biking
There really is fun single track in the city!