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Welcome to our website for the Maryland Express Toll Lanes (ETL) Initiative.

The Maryland Department of Transportation (MDOT) designed this website to provide you with information about the Express Toll Lanes (ETL) initiatives, activities and studies around the State.  This is a collaborative effort with the Maryland State Highway Administration (SHA) and the Maryland Transportation Authority (MdTA).

From brochures and definitions to public meeting dates and locations, this website is the place to visit for information about Maryland’s Express Toll Lanes initiatives.  Users of this site can view general Express Toll Lanes information, definitions, case studies from around the country, links to Maryland project studies and other useful online resources, as well as frequently asked questions. Be sure to bookmark this site as information will be updated as study efforts proceed.

MDOT is committed to providing a transportation system that works for people.  Our mission is to facilitate the safe and efficient movement of people and goods across all transportation modes.

Maryland's roadways are among the most congested in the country.  Millions of people who rely on the State's highways to travel to work or school or for other everyday travel are paying too high a price –  a "congestion tax" - in time lost sitting idle in traffic.  This same "tax" is being assessed on Maryland's businesses that rely on the transportation network.  Travel on Maryland's highways has increased by 20 percent since 1995 - despite only a four percent increase in miles of highway lanes over the same period.  This imbalance has contributed to the increase in traffic congestion, making the Baltimore-Washington region one of the worst areas in the country in the amount of time it takes for people to commute to work. 

In light of the State's severe fiscal constraints, creative approaches must be found to reduce the "congestion tax."

Express Toll Lanes are one way that the State of Maryland may be able to deliver the option for a relatively congestion-free commute in the near future.  Express Toll Lanes are not the only response to congestion being considered and we continue to evaluate a range of alternatives in our multimodal corridor studies around the State. 

To learn more about Maryland's Express Toll Lanes studies and activities click on one of the following:

Express Toll Lanes Brochures

Maryland’s Statewide Express Toll Lanes Network Initiative

A network of optional express toll lanes will provide a cost-effective way for Maryland to manage congestion, increase roadway capacity, create an expanded regional transit system,  and provide an option for relatively free-flowing highway travel - and to do so decades sooner than otherwise feasible.

To learn more about Maryland's Statewide Express Toll Lanes Network Initiative, visit the Statewide Express Toll Lanes Network Initiative web page, or open the Statewide Express Toll Lanes Network Brochure.

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