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The Consolidated Transportation Program (CTP) is Maryland's six-year capital budget for transportation projects. The CTP contains projects and programs across the Department, including the Maryland Aviation Administration, the Motor Vehicle Administration, the Maryland Transit Administration, the Washington Metropolitan Area Transit Authority, the Maryland State Highway Administration, the Maryland Port Administration, and the Maryland Transportation Authority. The CTP includes capital projects that are generally new, expanded or significantly improved facility or service that may involve planning, environmental studies, design, right-of-way acquisition, construction or the purchase of essential equipment related to the facility or service. An expanded description is shown for each major project, along with a list of minor capital projects.

Working together with Maryland's citizens, local jurisdictions and the local and State delegations, projects that preserve transportation system investments, enhance transportation services and expand transportation opportunities throughout the State are added to the CTP. In order to help Maryland's citizens review this document, a summary of the Department's financing and budget process and a "how to read" each Project Information Form (PIF) is included.
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Consolidated Transportation Program (CTP) FY 2015-2020


Consolidated Transportation Program (CTP) FY 2014-2019


Consolidated Transportation Program (CTP) FY 2013-2018


Consolidated Transportation Program (CTP) FY 2012-2017



Consolidated Transportation Program (CTP) FY 2011-2016


Consolidated Transportation Program (CTP) FY 2010-2015
Consolidated Transportation Program (CTP) FY 09-14

Consolidated Transportation Program (CTP) FY 2009-2014

2008 CTP cover graphic

Consolidated Transportation Program (CTP) FY 2008-2013

2007-2012 CTP 

Consolidated Transportation Program (CTP) FY 2007-2012

2006-2011 CTP

Consolidated Transportation Program (CTP) FY 2006-2011



Consolidated Transportation Program (CTP) FY 2005-2010


Consolidated Transportation Program (CTP) FY 2004-2009


Consolidated Transportation Program (CTP)
FY 2003-2008


Consolidated Transportation Program (CTP)

Consolidated Transportation Program (CTP)
FY 2002-2007