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State Report on Transportation

The State Report on Transportation (SRT) is prepared annually and distributed to the General Assembly, local elected officials, and interested citizens. It consists of two documents, the Maryland Transportation Plan (MTP) and the Consolidated Transportation Program (CTP). The MTP is the Department's long range vision for transportation in Maryland. It includes goals and policies that have been embraced by the Department to achieve the vision. The CTP presents the detailed listings and descriptions of the capital projects that are proposed for construction, or for development and evaluation during the next six-year period.

Each year this report is developed in draft form and presented to every county and Baltimore City during the fall. Following distribution of the draft document, Maryland Department of Transportation representatives visit each county both to present and to receive comments on the plan and program, Following the tour, the SRT is prepared in final form for presentation to the General Assembly in January.

For additional copies of the CTP or the MTP, please call Ms. Cindy Johnson at 410-865-1288; TTY for the Deaf 410-865-1342. The charge for the CTP is $20.00 plus $2.50 for postage and handling. There is no charge for the MTP. These documents are available in an alternative format upon request.

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