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During these difficult economic times, when our State and our nation face great challenges that lie ahead, it is even more important that we find effective, resourceful ways to achieve our shared goals in Maryland to protect our hard-working families, as well as our environmental legacy that we leave to future generations.

That is why, in December 2008, we introduced Maryland: Smart, Green & Growing, a multi-agency, Statewide initiative that is designed to help awaken in ourselves and in our neighbors a renewed sense that we can build the more sustainable future we prefer for our State through our decisions and actions in our own here and now. Through Smart, Green & Growing, we are working to coordinate and streamline our efforts in community revitalization, transportation improvements, economic development, Smart Growth and environmental restoration.

Maryland’s trails are an important element of this initiative, and they present a unique opportunity to work toward many of our goals simultaneously, including: multimodal transportation, economic prosperity, improved health and environmental stewardship. Our trails not only offer mobility options, but they als support expanded economic opportunity; provide access to a healthy, sustainable lifestyle; and encourage all of our citizens to make that vital connection to our natural environment. 

Maryland Trails: A Greener Way To Go communicates a Statewide vision for Maryland’s trail network and provides a strategic approach to planning for future trail development. Please join me and the Maryland Department of Transportation in establishing Maryland as a national leader for trail systems and furthering our commitment to protecting our quality of life in Maryland.
                 Martin O'Malley
                 Governor of Maryland


Welcome to the Maryland Trails:  A Greener Way To Go website! Here you will find information about MDOT’s effort to create a coordinated plan for trail implementation throughout the State. Throughout Maryland, we’re working hard to plan and build a comprehensive and connected trail network that serves the needs of all Marylanders. 

Thank you for visiting the Maryland Trails website.  We will be updating the website with more information as we move forward so visit us again soon!

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