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Equal Employment Opportunity


The mission of the Equal Employment Opportunity (EEO) Program is to provide a more balanced representation of minorities and women, and individuals with disabilities (increase representation where deficiencies exist) in all of the Maryland Department of Transportation’s (MDOT) transportation business units(TBUs); and to ensure that MDOT as a state agency provides a work environment that is free of discrimination. The EEO Office/Program provides guidance, direction, leadership, and oversight to MDOT’s TBUs’ Fair Practices/EEO Offices on matters of employment discrimination. The EEO Program investigates Complaints of Discrimination and makes determinations whether an employee or applicant has been subjected to illegal employment practices. The EEO Program also administers the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA)/Requests for Reasonable Accommodation for employees and applicants for employment. The EEO Office also promotes cultural diversity and inclusion of minorities and women, and individuals with disabilities through educational cultural observances and related activities.    

The mission of MDOT’s EEO Program is to ensure fair and nondiscriminatory practices throughout the agency by providing quality EEO programs, services, training, and guidance; and by ensuring compliance with laws, rules, regulations, and policies that prohibit employment discrimination. The EEO Program seeks to ensure that employees and applicants are not discriminated against with regard to age, ancestry, color, genetic information, marital status, disability, national origin, religion, race, sex, sexual orientation, or other non-merit factor. 

Program Mission

The mission of the MDOT’s EEO Program is to develop a model state agency with a diverse and effective workforce founded upon equality of opportunity that is free of discrimination and harassment; and that is reflective of the civilian labor force in the state of Maryland.