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Office of Diversity and Equity


The mission of the Office of Diversity and Equity is to provide guidance, direction, leadership, and oversight to The Secretary’s Office and the Transportation Business Units in the area of Equal Opportunity, Diversity, Minority Business Enterprise (MBE), Disadvantaged Business Enterprise (DBE), compliance with Title VI, Title VII, American with Disabilities Act (ADA), and other Federal and State Laws, regulations and programs, and Risk Management and Safety.

Equal Employment Opportunity Program

  • Affirmative Action Program
  • Alternative Dispute Resolution Program (ADR)
  • Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA)/Reasonable Accommodations
  • Complaints of Discrimination (Investigations)
  • Diversity Initiatives
  • Equal Employment Opportunity Compliance
  • Equal Employment Opportunity Policy Updates (Transportation Service Human Resources Systems (TSHRS)
  • Equal Employment Opportunity Report (Annual) for the Department of Budget and Management
  • National Cultural Heritage Programs
  • Training for Transportation Business Units EEO Officers

Minority/Disadvantaged Business Enterprise Compliance Program

  • Provide guidance, direction, leadership and oversight to six Transportation Business Units relative to MBE/DBE contract compliance
  • Advocate for the MBE/DBE business community in the Procurement Process through goal setting and enforcement of opportunities to make MBE/DBEs aware of opportunities
  • Provide outreach to MBEs to ensure that they are prepared to compete effectively on department procurement opportunities
  • Collect and compile data to track and report MBE utilization through analysis of MBE awards and payments
  • Provide Customer Service and Compliant Management
  • Monitor and maintain MBE/DBE Contract Compliance establish and enforce best practices for the MBE/DBE compliance activities
  • Develope and deliver training opportunities for MBE Liaisons
  • Participate actively in the development of new initiatives designed to further the program

Title VI Program

  • Nondiscrimination Statement of Policy
  • Organization and Staffing of Civil Rights Unit (CRU)
  • Title VI Monitoring and Review Process Compliance
  • Title VI Assurances
  • Accomplishment Report
  • Annual Work Plan
  • State Procedures, Manuals and Directives Applicable to Federal-aid Highway Program
  • Data Collection and Reporting Requirements
  • Issuance of Guidelines

Risk Management Program

  • Develope training/educational programs to address identified health and safety needs and or legal requirements
  • Represent MDOT as a standing committee member on Maryland's State Employee Risk Management Administration and the state's Asbestos Oversight Committee
  • Conduct periodic health and safety inspections, risk assessment or accident investigations as determined by MDOT's needs and legal requirements
  • Coordinate with the Office of Fleet, Facilities and Administrative Services on scheduling, conducting, evaluating drills and rehearsals of emergency procedures
  • Chair the TSO Safety Committee meeting and the quarterly all Transportation Business Units "Risk Management Round Table"
  • Serve as MDOT liaison with the Workman's Comp Insurance provider to ensure all work accidents and employee accidents resulting in injury or property damage are investigated and filed (Claim Management)
  • Conduct continuous inspections for unsafe practices and conditions to take prompt steps to correct behaviors or remove/reduce hazards
  • Establish and maintain uniform procedures for the management and protection of MDOT property and financial impact as a result of missing or stolen state property/inventory