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How to be a Reinstatement Candidate

Former MDOT career service employees who are separated in good standing and wish to become reinstated may submit a special request for consideration.

You may be reinstated in a number of different ways, such as by applying for positions and taking exams. However, as an additional benefit provided to you as a former MDOT employee, you may request that your name appear on the list of eligibles for any classification that you were in prior to separation. This will ensure that you receive consideration for selection should a vacancy occur within these job classifications. This usually means that you will receive a notice of interview for any position for which a selection plan is initiated.

As long as you are reinstated within five years from the separation date if you were a TSHRS employee and two years from that date if you were a State Personnel Management System employee, you will be entitled to: (1) have your name certified as a Reinstatement candidate on the list of eligibles, and (2) restoration of your leave earning rates based on years of former service. If you are reinstated within two years of your separation date, you will be entitled to restoration of your unused sick leave balances. For consideration as a Reinstatement candidate, submit a written request with your full name, social security number, address, phone number and former job classification title(s) to:

Maryland Department of Transportation
Recruitment and Examinations Unit

7201 Corporate Center Drive
Hanover, MD 21076


TSHRS Reinstatement Request Form