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Spotlight on MDOT Environmental Programs

MDOT and a Litter-free Maryland

MDOT needs your help to keep Maryland clean and litter-free. Each person has a stake in preventing litter from winding up on the side of our roadways, in our waterways, and even in our workplaces. Millions of dollars are spent annually to clear litter and debris. We can try to minimize our impacts on the environment by reducing and minimizing what we throw away, buying reusable over disposable items, and supporting recycling efforts.  Check out the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency's website on Reducing and Reusing Basics.

Below are a few ways in which the MDOT Transportation Business Units (TBUs) are trying to make a difference.  Click on each picture to read about the various TBU initiatives to help keep Maryland litter-free.

  • MDOT SHA Litter Campaign Infograph

  • MDOT MPA Professor Trash Wheel

  • MDTA Art from Recycled Materials

  • BWI Airport Clean Campaign

  • Electronics Recycling at MDOT MVA

  • MDOT MTA Metro Employee Efforts to Clean Debris from Rail Lines

  • Other MDOT Efforts


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