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Spotlight on MDOT Environmental Programs

Earth Day at MDOT HQ and MDOT MPA Arbor Day Efforts

As part of the Earth Day efforts in April 2018, staff from MDOT Headquarters (HQ) Office of Environment, Office of Safety and Risk Management, and Office of Planning and Capital Programming participated in a clean-up effort to collect debris from the surrounding landscape of MDOT HQ including the parking lots, along Corporate Drive, and in the stormwater ponds within MDOT HQ boundaries. 


MDOT HQ volunteers

Additionally, MDOT's Port of Baltimore (MDOT MPA) staff engaged in an Arbor Day Tree Planting effort in the Cherry Hill neighborhood of Baltimore.  Checkout the GreenPort EcoMinute video below:

Youtube video of MDOT MPA Tree Planting Efforts


America Green Port Congress 2018 at the Port of Baltimore

The first Green Port Congress in the United States was successfully held May 16-18 in Baltimore and co-sponsored by the Port of Baltimore, Maryland Department of Transportation, and Maryland Department of the Environment.  Over 200 maritime professionals attend the congress from all over the world.  Environmental issues and successes, green initiatives, and a commitment to sustainability were common themes of the multiple presentations given at the 3-day conference.  For highlights, key takeaways from the conference, and further information about the Green Port Congress, click here.

Project Highlight: MDOT OMBE Online Application Process


The development of MDOT Office of Minority Business Enterprise's (OMBE) electronic online application process has significantly reduced the amount of paper generated as well as a massive amount of hard copies of documents stored on-site.  The  implementation of a fully electronic online application process and annual review document submission tool began as a paperwork reduction initiative at MDOT OMBE. Working hand in hand with the Office of Transportation Technology Service (OTTS), the project quickly evolved to include a fully electronic document storage solution for the entire department. In addition to the electronic online initiative, there was a great need to address the physical paper storage overruns and lack of organization in the high-density file rooms.  This effort was accomplished by identifying non-active files and transporting them to a state storage facility where they would be recycled, per the OMBE Retention Schedule. The implementation of the  online application process reduced paper received via US mail, an estimated 1,608,725 pieces of paper.  Add to that an estimated 1,128,400 pieces of paper sent for recycling.  The deployment of electronic file delivery has provided our customers with enhanced security of their proprietary information and saved both time, and money.  Both of these efforts have reduced the carbon footprint and supports the need for minimizing the depletion of natural resources and thereby supports long-term ecological balance.


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