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The Secretary's Office of Environment


MDOT's Environmental Excellence Awards

On May 9, 2017, the 3rd Annual Environmental Excellence Awards ceremony recognized noteworthy teams and individuals for outstanding achievement in MDOT environmental projects. The MDOT Secretary presented three awards: Environmental Quality, Sustainability, and Environmental Hero. See further details regarding the winning projects below.


Environmental Quality Award: MDOT MPA Port of Baltimore Air Quality Voluntary Agreement

The winner for the Environmental Quality Award was MDOT MPA Port of Baltimore Air Quality Voluntary Agreement.  MDOT MPA’s Port of Baltimore Air Quality Voluntary Agreement includes commitments by MDE, MDOT and MDOT MPA to work cooperatively to identify, develop and when appropriate, implement new, cost-effective, voluntary programs that will reduce emissions and increase energy efficiency at the Port.  


Sustainability Award: MDOT MAA BWI Aircraft Deicing Fluid Program


The winner for the Sustainability Award was MDOT MAA BWI Aircraft Deicing Fluid Program.  MDOT MAA's new recycling program takes environmental stewardship a step further by recycling wastes and saving resources and energy rather than solely implementing the conventional disposal and treatment method.


Environmental Hero Award: MDTA, Police Headquarters Shoreline Cleanup


The winner for the Environmental Hero Award was MDTA's effort for the Police Headquarters Shoreline Cleanup. MDTA embarked on its inaugural Earth Month public service cleanup event, held on Saturday April 23, 2016, and nearly 11 tons of debris was removed from the shoreline.  The event took place at the MDTA Police Headquarters facility located in Baltimore County, Maryland.

Congratulations to all the nominees and winners!  


TSO Earth Day 2017 Activities

During the month of April 2017, MDOT's TSO conducted an Earth Day campaign highlighting the multiple environmental programs in place to fulfill its commitment of being a good steward of the environment.  On April 21, 2017, MDOT TSO held Earth Day activities on-site to encourage awareness and provided simple environmental tips on how TSO staff can help the earth.  Give-aways included seedlings packets, flyers, and red bud tree saplings.  Those who attended had the opportunity to learn how each person can contribute to a healthier environment. 


Environmental Shoutout:  MDOT SHA's Leonardstown Shop

MDOT recognizes the efforts of MDOT SHA's Leonardtown Shop and its staff to improve environmental awareness, incorporate environmental activities and ensure environmental compliance at the facility and local level.  The Leonardtown Shop staff incorporate strategies and technologies that ensure environmental compliance and protect the environment while performing various daily tasks. Their dedicated efforts and compliance approach has resulted in improved environmental awareness among shop employees, low numbers of compliance findings, improved pollution prevention, efficient implementation of key components of MDOT SHA's Environmental Compliance Division's (ECD) Routine Facility Inspections, and the cementing of trust necessary for open communication between maintenance staff and ECD.


MDOT Wins Awards for Electronics Recycling and Green Purchasing

In March 2017, MDOT received multiple awards for its 2016 efforts towards sustainable purchasing and responsible recycling of electronic office equipment. MDOT received a Silver Award for MDOT's achievement in the State Electronics Challenge and recognition was given by the Green Electronics Council (GEC) for sustainable purchasing of EPEAT Registered electronic equipment.


Summer Tips for Avoiding Ticks

Summer 2017 is upon us.  Here are a few quick tips and reminders from the CDC to keeping safe from ticks this season:

  • Avoid wooded and brushy areas with high grass and leaf litter.
  • Walk in the center of trails.
  • Use tick-repellent sprays and products that contain permethrin on clothing and shoes.
  • Do a full body tick-check and check children for ticks under the arms, in and around the ears, inside the belly button, behind the knees, between the legs, around the waist, and especially in their hair.
  • Tumble dry clothes in a dryer on high heat for 10 minutes to kill ticks on dry clothing after you come indoors. If the clothes require washing first, hot water is recommended. 
  • For a list of natural tick repellents and pesticides see the following CDC link: