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Maryland Statewide Truck Parking Study

The Maryland Department of Transportation (MDOT) is seeking your input on the State’s top truck parking needs and solutions. The Maryland Statewide Truck Parking Study will be used to support the advancement of priority projects and strategies that improve truck parking statewide. If you are a Freight Stakeholder, we would like to invite you to take a short survey linked below. 

 Please take the survey by December 18, 2019.  Your response will help inform us on Maryland’s truck parking needs and help us focus solutions.

Take the survey - click to begin

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What Are the Objectives of the Study?

The shortage of truck parking is a major concern for transportation agencies across the nation. Inadequate truck parking results in trucks parked in unsafe locations and drivers operating beyond their hours-of-service. Safety concerns and observed truck parking shortages across the State, motivated the Maryland Department of Transportation (MDOT) to commission a truck parking study in March 2019. Scheduled to be completed by November 2019, the Maryland Statewide Truck Parking Study has the following objectives:

  • Assess existing truck parking locations and utilization
  • Assess truck parking needs based on gaps in the system and truck parking demand
  • Identify truck parking opportunities statewide
  • Identify funding opportunities including innovative options - exploring P3 and grant opportunities

How Is the Study Being Developed and How Should Stakeholders Get Involved?

To accomplish the study objectives, the Maryland Statewide Truck Parking Study will be developed using the following tasks:

  • Task 1 - Truck Parking Supply, Demand, and Gaps
  • Task 2 - Truck Parking Needs, Opportunities, and Solutions
  • Task 3 - Truck Parking Implementation Strategy
  • Task 4 - Final Reporting

The study will build upon existing MDOT studies and will utilize multiple data sources including truck GPS data and crowdsourced truck parking utilization data from an application called Trucker Path to analyze truck parking supply, demand, and gaps.

The study will solicit public and private input and validation at critical junctions in the study to ensure that the needs, opportunities, and solutions identified in the study are actionable and improve truck parking in Maryland. Public and private sector input will be collected through an in-person workshop and meetings, comments on deliverables, and responses to surveys. Truck parking covers multiple public sector divisions and many different private sector industries, making stakeholder input critical to actionable implementation.

What Are the Expected Outcomes of the Study?

The Maryland Statewide Truck Parking Study will develop actionable insights into truck parking issues in Maryland by identifying the location of truck parking issues, matching solutions to truck parking issues, and prioritizing truck parking solutions. Ultimately, the study will provide MDOT with the data and context needed to advance priority projects and strategies to improve truck parking statewide.