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We have been notified of phishing attempts targeting firms listed in our Directory. These phishing attempts include attachments and/or links that are not safe to open/click. If you ever question the validity of any email do not hesitate to contact our office.


Phone: 410-865-1269


To comply with social distancing requirements during the Coronavirus Disease (COVID -19) outbreak, the Office of Small and Minority Business Policy (OSMBP) is hosting its monthly MBE/DBE/ACDBE/SBE Certification Application Assistance Workshop via webinar on September 1, 2020 (10:00 a.m. and 5:30 p.m.) and October 6, 2020 (10:00 a.m.).  To register for the webinars, please follow the appropriate links below.  Contact OSMBP at 410-865-1298 or Vashti Pyatt at 410-865-1394 if there are any questions.

MBE/DBE/ACDBE Application Assistance Workshop

September 1, 2020 @ 10:00 a.m.

September 1, 2020 @ 5:30 p.m.

October 6, 2020 @ 10:00 a.m.

After registering, you will receive a confirmation email containing important instructions about how to join the webinar.


Attention MBE/DBE/SBE Firms: Be aware of spam emails

If you have received the below email, DO NOT OPEN - this DID NOT come from MDOT.

If you ever receive an email that you believe to be suspicious, please contact the OMBE at 410-865-1269.



To contain the spread of COVID-19, the Governor has instructed all agencies to implement policies that distance employees from each other, customers, and the general public.  The Office of Minority Business Enterprise (OMBE) will continue to maintain operations consistent with the Governor’s directive.

If you submitted an APPLICATION FOR CERTIFICATION or EXPANSION OF SERVICE in the federal Disadvantaged Business Enterprise (DBE), Maryland Minority Business Enterprise (MBE), federal Small Business Enterprise (SBE) or Airport Concession Disadvantaged Business Enterprise (ACDBE) Program, our office will continue to process your submission.  We will contact the owner(s) by telephone and may request that additional information and documents be submitted electronically until we are able to return to normal business operations.

All firms should submit their ANNUAL REVIEW documentation as requested.   The use of the on-line portal is the most effective way to submit this information. The OMBE will continue to process Annual Review documentation during this period.


Certain DBE/MBE/ACDBE/SBE Application and Annual Review documents must be notarized.  Pursuant to Governor Hogan’s Executive Order Number 20-03-30-04, these documents may be notarized remotely.



Consistent with directives out of the Governor’s Office regarding containment of the spread of COVID-19, the Minority Business Enterprise Advisory Committee (MBEAC) meetings will be conducted virtually. For additional details visit the MBEAC webpage



Welcome to the Office of Minority Business Enterprise 

The Maryland Department of Transportation (MDOT) is Maryland's official certification agency for the Minority Business Enterprise (MBE) Program, the Disadvantaged Business Enterprise (DBE) Program, the Airport Concessions Disadvantaged Business Enterprise (ACDBE) Program, and Small Business Enterprise (SBE) Program. We ensure only bona fide MBE/DBE/ACDBE/SBE firms participate irprise (MBE) Program, the Disadvantaged Business Enterprise (DBE) Program, the Airport Concessions Disadvantaged Business Enterprise (ACDBE) Program, and Small Business Enterprise (SBE) Program. We ensure only bona fide MBE/DBE/ACDBE/SBE firms participate in our program through our comprehensive certification program.  Certified firms appear in MDOT's Online Directory of Certified Firms.n our program through our comprehensive certification program.  Certified firms appear in MDOT's Online Directory of Certified Firms.

Please visit the "Certifications and Forms" page for information on the certification programs and required documentation.  Please contact the OMBE office for assistance regarding the certification programs. 

History of MDOT's Certification Programs

MBE Program

Established in 1978, Maryland's Minority Business Enterprise Program is the oldest in the country.  The MBE program was established to ensure that small, minority- and women-owned firms had the opportunity to participate fully and fairly in the State.  The statewide MBE goal is 29%.  Any questions regarding overall MBE goals please submit all inquiries to

Please see below for the MBE Program legislative history.

 image of DBE Program

DBE Program

In addition to implementing the State's MBE Program, which has a 29% overall participation goal, MDOT also implements the DBE program for contracts funded by the USDOT.  Individual DBE Program goals are only established for each of MDOT's federally funded business units; MDOT SHA, MDOT MAA, MDOT MTA, and Metropolitan Planning Organizations (MPOs).  Current DBE Program participation goals are as follows:

  • MDOT SHA: 26.04% (22.98% Race Conscious & 3.06% Race Neutral)
  • MDOT MAA: 27.5% (26.11% Race Conscious & 1.39% Race Neutral)                
  • MDOT MTA: 30.00% (21.58% Race Conscious  & 8.42% Race Neutral)*
  • MPOs: 31.7% (15.2% Race Conscious & 16.5% Race Neutral)

(*MDOT MTA’s DBE goals are pending approval by the Federal Transit Administration (FTA))

Any questions regarding overall DBE goals please submit all inquiries to

ACDBE Program

Firms with ACDBE certification may meet disadvantaged business participation goals on federally-funded contracts for airport concessionaires managed by the MDOT Maryland Aviation Administration (MAA).  The ACDBE Goals are as follows:

  • Car Rental Concessions: 3.70% (3.35% Race Conscious & 0.35% Race Neutral)
  • Non-Car Rental Concessions: 30.32% (28.32% Race Conscious & 2.00% Race Neutral)

SBE Program

In 2014, the SBE program was introduced as a race-and-gender neutral program designed to provide contracting opportunities to small businesses on USDOT federally-aided projects with the MDOT State Highway Administration (MDOT SHA), MDOT Maryland Aviation Administration (MDOT MAA), and MDOT Maryland Transit Administration (MDOT MTA).

Attention eMaryland Marketplace Vendors IMMEDIATE ACTION REQUIRED

The Maryland Department of General Services (DGS) is excited to introduce you to the new eMaryland Marketplace Advantage (eMMA)! On behalf of DGS, below are some important considerations as you begin to use eMMA:

Accessing eMMA

You can find the link to the new eMMA system by visiting

Your login credentials will be:

  • Username = your email address
  • Password = emma.vendor!

(NOTE: You should change your password upon initial login by accessing your profile settings in the top right corner of the eMMA homepage) 

IMPORTANT: If you completed the “Vendor Information Questionnaire,” your preliminary vendor profile is already in the new system. Please take the time to complete your vendor profile once you login. You will need to update your commodity codes in eMMA. Please consult the below Quick Reference Guide (QRG) – “Managing Vendor Profile” – for details.

If you did not complete the Questionnaire, or if the above login information does not work, click the link for “New Vendor? Register Now” to complete the vendor registration.

Solicitations in process prior to July 17, 2019

Your Procurement Officer will update the Solicitation and explain the method(s) of submission, which could include the following:

  • Resubmit via eMMA (electronically);
  • Resubmit via paper response format; or
  • Resubmit via secure/password-protected email.

Questions and support for eMMA

There are numerous Quick Reference Guides available on  these guides provide step-by-step instructions and screenshots on working within eMMA.  For your convenience, please see below for two (2) guides that will help you create and/or manage your profile in the new eMMA system.  For questions, please email

  - eMMA QRG Registering as a Vendor v4.pdf
  - eMMA QRG - Managing Vendor Profile v2.pdf