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Consistent with directives out of the Governor’s Office regarding containment of the spread of COVID-19, the Minority Business Enterprise Advisory Committee (MBEAC) meetings scheduled for March 18 and April 1, 2020 have been postponed. We will resume the MBEAC meetings when we are advised to return to normal business operations.


Minority Business Enterprise Advisory Committee (MBEAC)

The Minority Business Enterprise Advisory Committee (MBEAC) makes recommendations to the Chair of the MBEAC or his/her designee on behalf of the Secretary of Transportation regarding MBE/DBE certification.  The MBEAC consists of twelve members from State agencies and the general public.  MBEAC meetings are scheduled biweekly.  All owners, directors, and employees as requested by MDOT shall attend the appropriate MBEAC meeting.  A firm must be represented at the MBEAC by disadvantaged persons representing a  minimum of 51 percent of the ownership of the firm.

More detailed information on the MBEAC can be found in the MBE Program Manual on page 51.

MBEAC proceeding will be recorded in accordance with Title 10, Section 10-509 of State Government Article Annotated Code of Maryland.