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Breakthrough Strategies for Contractor Project Success & Profit

Tue. Jun 19, 2018 10:00am - 11:00am
online webinar

Hosted by The Alliance for Hispanic Commercial Contractors

Procore: “Street-Smart” Contracting (Breakthrough Strategies for Contractor Project Success & Profit)
Contractors are smart, hard-working and understand risk. Still, projects can be “difficult environments”, and failing projects often create damaging risks and losses for contractors. About 70% of projects fail to finish on budget and on time, and that failure can prove costly.

At the ”Street-Smart” Contracting Webinar on Tuesday June 19th, discover a unique, practical, inexpensive approach to generating project success, avoiding costly mistakes and the fallout of a failed project.

This EXCLUSIVE presentation will cover the following:
- Avoiding common mistakes on projects that deplete profits, cause cost overruns, an
- Learn the real “rules of the game”, how they are used against you, and how to use them to your advantage.
- Get the #1 Project Management software to better organize and document your projects and level the playing field for your company. 
- Have immediate access to a team of construction contracting experts to help solve your project and business problems, and provide ongoing support and guidance. (Examples: disruptions, delays, unforeseen conditions, constructive changes, etc., plus the smart, strong and critical responses needed)
- Gain immediate knowledge and expertise to better compete and succeed, without incurring any of the substantial recruitment and training costs you would otherwise spend. 

This webinar is a first of its kind, and provides a unique combination of systematic, user-friendly PM software PLUS contracting expertise and support for Contractors to better protect their projects, profits and businesses. 

Be sure to both Register through Zoom and Pay through PayPal to join.

Pay via PayPal: 
Members - $15

Guests - $40

*Street Smart Contracting and its affiliates are not affiliated with or endorsed by Procore Technologies, Inc.
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