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How to Start a Business for Millennials

Sat. Jun 23, 2018 10:00am - 12:00pm
Morgan State University School of Business Room 302 1700 E. Cold Spring Lane Baltimore, MD 21251

Hosted By: Entrepreneurial Development & Assistance Center

Technological advancements, global change, and cultural and political shifts have ultimately affected not only the types of jobs available, but also the way in which we work. In a time where we are being told to work longer hours and that being constantly exhausted and overworked is glamorised, millennials are looking for ways to work smarter, not harder. Millennial entrepreneurs are driven by their need for flexibility both creatively and through the ‘way’ they work. As a small business coach and entrepreneur, I've seen many people spend great amounts of money to get into business. Some have been successful, while others struggled. Many of the challenges were access to continued capital, no team to help operate the business, poor marketing strategies, weak or inferior products/service, and products that no one was interested in buying. I see people all the time looking to start a business or earn extra income. Many times, these individuals are driving Ubers or participating in on demand platforms. Again, one of the other challenges is bandwidth. You will need more cars, houses, back yards to grow.

What if I showed YOU that you can create a successful homebased business with less than what I spent on starting an auto repair shop? Come by and learn how to create and operate a business in a pack.

In each pack:

  • Billion Dollar industry with products in demand
  • Pathway to generate income in 15 days
  • Online store
  • Free training
  • Backoffice (website)
  • No territory limitations
  • Systems to help you grow your business
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