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  • Wednesday, November 7, 2018

    • Federal Government Contracting Bootcamp Series Time: 8:00a - Fri. 11/9 9:00p Location: Inclusive Innovation Incubator 2301 Georgia Ave. NW Washington, DC 20001 Details:

      Hosted By: The McPherson Square Business Council

      The MSBC 3 day GovCon Boot Camp – where students will receive unprecedented access
      to the strategies, tactics, people, training, and information that will help them start doing
      business with the world’s largest customer, the Federal Government.
      3 Day Boot Camp Includes:
      • Membership In:
      o NCMA: NCMA (National Contract Managers Association) is a national organization primarily of Federal Government Contract Officers and Program Managers. This valuable concern provides monthly training (for Procurement Professionals) as well as Networking events for Industry and Procurement Officials.
      • Live Training Mentoring & Coaching in The Following Areas:
      o How to structure and write winning proposals
      o How to leverage social media (LinkedIn) to build effective relationships and what to say
      o Infrastructure for Government Contracting Marketing Operations – Contracts Management
      • Proposal Strategies and support
      • Matchmaking/Teaming & Relationship Building
      o Graduating 8a companies seeking new 8a companies
      o Other teaming opportunities
      • Platinum VIP Level Networking Event
      o Contracting Officers
      o Government Contacts
      o Potential Teaming Contacts

      Friday (the last training day) will conclude with a Major Networking Event which will host approximately 100 guests (predominantly Government Contractors and Procurement Decision makers).  This Grand occasion will occur from 6-9 pm.  Each of the trainees will be given up to two minutes to present the mission of their business and how they plan to provide Solutions to the Federal Space.  

      On going training (via Pod Cast and Teleconferencing) will be available for each participant for a minimum of one year after the Bootcamp.  In addition, each trainee will receive a one year complimentary membership to NCMA (National Contracts Management Association).

      The investment for The Bootcamp and yearly follow up is as follows:

      1.  Solopreneurs will invest $1450.

      2.  Companies with 1 to 5 employees will invest $1950.

      3.  Companies with 6 to 10 employees will invest $2450.

      4.  Companies with 11 to 20 employees will invest $2950.

      5.  Companies with 21 or more employees will invest $3450.

      For registration and more information, please contact Warren Othello Edwards at 301-440-0282 or