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2019 Annual Attainment Report On Transportation System Performance

The Maryland Department of Transportation (MDOT) is responsible for building, operating, and maintaining a safe and seamless multi-modal transportation network. To accomplish this, the Maryland Transportation Plan (MTP) establishes a 20-year vision through a series of Statewide goals and objectives. To track MDOT's progress on meeting these goals and objectives, MDOT publishes an annual Attainment Report on Transportation System Performance (AR) to identify successes, challenges, and strategies for improving the transportation services delivered to Maryland residents. This website reports on a the Annual Attainment Report and includes historical performance data, information on recent actions taken to improve performance and a summary of key future strategies planned to further improve performance.

To get an overview and see the highlights of the 2019 Attainment Report, please visit our 2019 Attainment Report interactive site

View and/or Download the complete Attainment Report here:
Full Report (Higher Resolution PDF)
Full Report (Lower Resolution PDF)

2019 Attainment Report:

Full annual Attainment Report document

Interactive Highlights:

Interactive Attainment Report Site with Highlights

The Attainment Report is organized by Goals. You may explore the Attainment Report by viewing one or more of the goals from within the report:

Ensure a Safe, Secure and Resilient Transportation System
Facilitate Economic Opportunity and Reduce Congestion in Maryland Through Strategic System Expansion
Maintain a High Standard and Modernize Maryland's Multimodal Transportation System
Improve the Quality and Efficiency of the Transportation System to Enhance the Customer Experience
Ensure Environmental Protection and Sensitivity
Promote Fiscal Responsibility
Provide Better Transportation Choices and Connections


2018 Attainment Report Advisory Committee

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View and/or Download the complete Attainment Report here: