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MDOT Strategic Asset Management Plan

Strategic Asset Management Plan Cover image

The MDOT Strategic Asset Management Plan

MDOT Strategic Asset Management Plan

The purpose of the plan is to define MDOT’s goals for asset management activities and milestones; identify and prioritize key initiatives that support the delivery of MDOT’s asset management policy; and provide a high-level overview of resource and timelines for implementation.

What is Asset Management?

Asset management is considered an integrated set of processes to minimize the lifecycle costs of infrastructure assets, at an acceptable level of risk, while continuously delivering established levels of service. Asset management is a holistic approach of balancing costs, opportunities, and risks against the desired performance of assets.

MDOT's Assets

MDOT is unique among state department of transportations in its ability to deliver a comprehensive transportation system and experience to the people and businesses it serves. MDOT houses all of the State’s transportation agencies in one organization, ensuring the interconnectivity of the State highways, toll facilities, transit, aviation, ports, and motor vehicle and driver services.

Key Assets

MDOT manages a wide range of asset classes that make up the infrastructure base to provide services to Maryland’s residents and businesses, along with those traveling to or through the State.
The State Assessment Management Plan goals and strategies are centered on addressing seven critical Department assets:
  1. Facilities
  2. Pavement
  3. Structures
  4. Tunnels
  5. Rail
  6. Vehicle Fleet and Equipment
  7. Major Information Technology (IT) Systems
MDOT’s transportation system contains complex facilities including major interstates, highways, tunnels, and bridges; a transit system that includes bus, light rail, heavy rail, commuter rail services; a major port, and major airport. In addition to this extensive transportation system, MDOT operates complimentary IT systems that support MDOT Motor Vehicle Administration (MDOT MVA) and law enforcement operations throughout the State.
These assets were identified as ‘key assets’ for the purpose of the State Assessment Management Plan by the Asset Management Working Group because of their enterprise nature across the TBUs and MDTA as well as their role of providing the most critical services and funding needs of the Department. As the Asset Management Program develops and matures, the scope of the strategies will expand to other Department assets.
Map of MDOT's System

Department Asset Management Policy

The Department Asset Management Policy provides policy direction to MDOT TSO, the TBUs, and MDTA as they work together to implement the State Assessment Management Plan. MDOT will strategically manage its assets through a comprehensive approach based on sound asset management practices aligned with the Department’s overall strategic direction. The MDOT Asset Management Program, will rely on cross-functional collaboration of knowledgeable staff from each TBU and MDTA. The program will support MDOT’s goals of system preservation, safety and security, quality of service and fiscal responsibility by committing appropriate resources to asset management. The program will further MDOT’s commitment to its customer-focused approach through the establishment and management of levels of service.
MDOT is committed to the following principles for managing its assets:
image of MDOT's Assets Management Principles

MDOT Asset Management Goals and Objectives

MDOT formed the Asset Management Working Group to develop both a Department Asset Management Policy and five goals to help focus MDOT’s Asset Management Program over the next several years. The five asset management goals identified in this process will build from one another and will progress over time:

image of MDOT's Asset Management Goals and Objectives