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Welcome! This web page serves as a landing page for all things related to Bike & Pedestrian information that is administered in some capacity by the Maryland Department of Transportation (MDOT). We encourage you to explore the various ways in which MDOT is helping to administer and disseminate information for biking & walking throughout our State.

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News | Upcoming Meetings

Maryland Bicycle & Pedestrian Advisory Committee (MBPAC) July meeting

The Maryland Bicycle & Pedestrian Advisory Committee (MBPAC) will hold an online meeting on July 24, 2020. MBPAC welcomes Jon Morrison as the newly appointed chair of the committee. The online meeting is free and open to the public. Register for the MBPAC meeting at GoToWebinar.  Agenda

MDOT conducting survey on active transportation traffic data

The Maryland Department of Transportation (MDOT) is examining ways pedestrian and bicycle traffic data is collected across the state. To understand the various practices and uses, MDOT has created an online survey to learn how bicycle and pedestrian traffic data is collected, used, and stored. The survey also looks at reasons why this data may not be collected. The survey is open to all, with a focus on transportation planners, traffic engineers, and other practitioners. Take the survey here.

Be aware of COVID-19 restrictions

As COVID-19 restrictions are being lifted, conditions vary by jurisdiction. Stay informed of Maryland’s public health efforts and refer to Governor Hogan’s ongoing COVID-19 response. Throughout these restrictions, the State of Maryland has allowed residents to ‘engage in outdoor exercise activities, such as walking, hiking, running, or biking’ as long as residents continue to comply with health guidance from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and the Maryland Department of Health

The Active Transportation Team at MDOT invites you to check out our COVID-19 response page for more tips on staying safe while staying active. Your local health and recreation departments are also good sources for specific information on parks and public spaces that may or may not be open for use.

Image of Bike Route Sign

Image of Andrew Bernish's bike on Hooper's Island, MD

Virtual Bike Month 2020

In light of the ongoing COVID-19 public health emergency, Bike to Work Day 2020 (originally scheduled for May 15th) has been either postponed or cancelled (depending on your county) until this coming fall. More information available from the Baltimore Metropolitan Council here

While most Bike Month events are cancelled, MDOT is providing weekly email messages and local spotlight stories to promote safe bicycling in accordance with social distancing practices.

Week 1:
Message: Dust off the Bike
Spotlight: Where Transportation Meets Values: The Yakabod Story

Week 2:
Message: Need a Bike?
Spotlight: Cycling Without Age

Week 3:
Message: Go for a Ride!
Spotlight: Safety Play Court

Week 4:
Message: Make Biking Easy


2040 Maryland Bicycle and Pedestrian Master Plan (2019)

Bike Safety Task Force Report (2017)

Maryland Trails Plan (2009)

Maryland State Highway Safety Plan (2015)

Biker figure on  map


Bike adjacent to Frederick MARC Station


The Maryland GIS Bike Project (Infrastructure Inventory Effort - Ongoing)

Bicycle Policy and Design Guidelines (2015)

Accessibility Policy & Guidelines for Pedestrian Facilities along State Highways

Maryland Biking Laws

Maryland Bicycle Helmet Law

The Helmet "Fit Test" (PDF)

The Maryland State Bicycle Map (2017)

How to Help Employees Enjoy Active Commutes

Why Offer Commuter Benefits for Bike and Walk

Bike & Walk Grant Programs

The Maryland Department of Transportation administers several grant and special fund programs for biking & pedestrian programs. These programs support local economies and enhance quality of life through biking and walking. In addition, the Department provides technical assistance to help local jurisdictions with feasible projects.

Visit our Bike / Walk Programs page for all information.

Biker on a bike lane

Parked Bikes


The Maryland Bicycle and Pedestrian Advisory Committee (MBPAC) advises State government agencies on issues directly related to bicycling and pedestrian activity including funding, public awareness, safety and education.
More info on MBPAC


Maryland Bicycle and Pedestrian Master Plan (2014)

Bike sharrows adjacent to a MARC sign