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Task Force to Study Bicycle Safety on Maryland Highways

The Task Force to Study Bicycle Safety on Maryland Highways was created by legislation in the 2017 Session of the Maryland General Assembly and was enacted under Article II, Section 17(c) of the Maryland Constitution as Chapter 836

Click here to download the Final Report

Although the Task Force has completed its legislated mandate, MDOT is continuing conversation on how to improve bicycle (and pedestrian) safety as a key element in updating the Bicycle and Pedestrian Master Plan. We welcome your input in this process. 

Focus Areas:

The legislation mandates that the Task Force should study and make any recommendations necessary regarding a broad range of issues related to bicycle safety on highways in the State.  The 11 topics listed in the bill generally cover the following areas: 

  1. Safety issues and operations of bicycles and motor vehicles on highways in the State.
  2. Adequacy of infrastructure and issues related to traffic control devices. 
  3. Policy implementation and public education.
  4. Funding to support/encourage the safe operation of bicycles in the State. 
  5. Bicycle infrastructure design, siting, and best practices. 

The Task Force must deliver its recommendations to the Legislature by December 31, 2017.  

Meeting Schedule:

All meetings of the Task Force are open to the public.  Participants are asked to bring photo identification for building security purposes.  


Inquiries regarding the Maryland Bicycle Safety Taskforce can be emailed to Postal mail should be sent to the attention of the Maryland Bicycle Safety Taskforce at the following address:

Maryland Bicycle Safety Taskforce
Attn: Dr. Marty Baker
Maryland Department of Transportation
7201 Corporate Center Drive
Hanover, MD 21076

Items of Interest:

Task Force Members
(All members appointed by the Governor unless otherwise noted)

Senators (2) | (Appointed by the President of the Senate)

Senator Susan Lee

Senator Roger Manno

Delegates (2) | (Appointed by the Speaker of the House)

Delegate Andrew Cassilly

Delegate Stephen Lafferty

The Motor Vehicle Administrator, or the Administrator's designee | (Appointed by the Administrator )

Thomas J. Gianni (Task Force Chair)

The State Highway Administrator, or the Administrator’s designee | (Appointed by the Administrator)

Peter Sotherland

The Secretary of State Police, or the Secretary’s designee | (Appointed by the Secretary)

Cpl. David Zanoni

Four bicycle advocates who are State residents, at least two of whom represent urban or suburban areas of the State

Mary Lauren “Laurie” Lemieux DNP (Urban)

Jon S. Korin (Suburban)

Shayne Boucher

John  Keene

A representative of the motor vehicle insurance industry

Vincent "Chip" Boylan

A representative of AAA Mid-Atlantic

Ragina Cooper-Averella

A representative of the Maryland Association of Counties

Christopher J. Eatough

A representative of the Maryland Municipal League

Mayor Patrick L. Wojahn

A representative of the Maryland Chiefs of Police Association

Chief Michael Wynnyk

A representative of the Maryland Motor Truck Association

Thomas E. Huesman

A representative of the Maryland Sheriff's Assocation

Captain Charles L. Baker

A civil engineer with experience in the design of mixed-use development infrastructure

Mark G. Morelock

A traffic engineer who is familiar who is familiar with mixed–use development infrastructure and who has experience with the Maryland Manual on Uniform Traffic Control Devices

Michael M. Lenhart