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"Benefits of Vanpool commuting to work and home" | Ajay Sharma - Frederick County

Based on my experience here are a couple of reasons that come to mind of why vanpooling is a great option:

“We have a vanpool with six people since mid 2001 who all commute from Frederick to NIH campus in Bethesda on regular basis. We take turns driving which means, I will drive less than four days in any given month. On other days, we simply relax/sleep/listen music/chat with our friends. I do not have to spend extra money on cost of vehicle repair or on gas. The most important benefit of vanpool is our health that we completely ignore. Imagine driving every single day on I-270 for 3-4 hours. If the vanpool was not an option for me perhaps I would not have been in as good health as I am in now. In addition, it is our responsibility to protect our environment by reducing carbon footprint for generations to come. The Federal government has also implemented transhare subsidy for its employees for the cost of vanpool. Now subsidy covers 100% of commuting cost for us. It is easy to setup a vanpool and Frederick county also provides financial assistance for vanpoolers.

When thinking about car or vanpooling to work, people have a tendency to worry that they will be stranded if an emergency comes up and they cannot leave with their driver and/or do not own their car. This concern is reasonable but unsubstantiated based the Guaranteed Ride Home programs.


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