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Maryland Transportation System Performance Dashboard 2016 Annual Attainment Report Highlights 

Goal: Community Vitality  


  • Better coordinate transportation investments and land use planning to support the environmental, social and economic sustainability of Maryland's existing communities and planned growth areas.
  • Enhance transportation networks and choices to improve mobility and accessibility, and to better integrate with land use.
  • Increase and enhance transportation connections to move people and goods within and between activity centers.

 Select a Measure:

What We Measure:

Percentage of State-Owned Roadway Directional Miles Within Urban Areas That Have Sidewalks

Why We Measure:

Available sidewalk facilities provide mobility for pedestrians.

Performance Progress:

  • SHA invested $22.5 million in FY 2015 to improve and construct sidewalks and to address ADA accessibility, including the construction of 11.5 new directional miles of sidewalk

Future Strategies:

  • Support safe pedestrian access along state highways ($30.2 million for the New Sidewalk Construction for Pedestrian Access Program and $60.4 million for the Sidewalk Reconstruction for Pedestrian Access Program (ADA Compliance) in the FY 2016–FY 2021 CTP)
  • Target improvements to increase accessibility to transit and other public services and to address areas of high pedestrian injuries and fatalities
  • Construct numerous sidewalk improvement projects in FY 2016, including MD 210 in Charles County, MD 765 in Calvert County and MD 144 in Frederick County, and moving forward with projects in FY 2016 on MD 424 in Anne Arundel County and MD 272 in Cecil County
  • Upgrade existing traffic signals with audible pedestrian signals and countdown pedestrian signals and ADA features (pedestrian curb ramps and median cut-throughs)