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Maryland Transportation System Performance Dashboard 2016 Annual Attainment Report Highlights

Goal: Community Vitality:  

  • Better coordinate transportation investments and land use planning to support the environmental, social and economic sustainability of Maryland's existing communities and planned growth areas.
  • Enhance transportation networks and choices to improve mobility and accessibility, and to better integrate with land use.
  • Increase and enhance transportation connections to move people and goods within and between activity centers.

Select a Measure:


What We Measure:

Annual transit riders on the Maryland portion of the Washington Metropolitan Area Transit Authority and the Maryland Transit Administration's service (local and commuter buses, light rail, Metro subway, Maryland Area Regional Commuter (MARC) train service, a comprehensive paratransit system, and Locally Operated Transit Systems around the state)

Why We Measure:

Growth in transit riders means better mobility, more transportation choices, and a healthier economy for Marylanders.

To maintain the integrity of historical comparisons of bus ridership
the MTA used ridership estimate differences between the new APC
system and previous systems to adjust previous bus ridership estimates
and allow for comparable data for fiscal years.

Performance Progress:

  • In FY 2015, several snowstorms occurred during the months of February and March, and the Baltimore riots at the end of April through mid-May 2015 affected all MTA service
  • Commuter Bus service enhancements in FY 2015, consolidating unproductive routes and adding routes to existing, overpopulated routes, provided an efficient alternative to driving
  • A large increase in Paratransit and Taxi Access mileage was due to the large increase in the number of trips provided
  • Baltimore Metro continued to perform scheduled track repair and maintenance affecting service from 10pm - 6am. This had an impact on the revenue miles, but little impact to the riding public

Future Strategies:

  • The revenue vehicle miles of service for Local and Express bus will drastically alter with the Baltimore Link initiative, which will reconfigure existing routes to reallocate service miles and maximize transit connectivity to all of MTA services