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Maryland Transportation System Performance Dashboard 2016 Annual Attainment Report Highlights

 Goal: Economic Prosperity  


  • Improve the movement of freight and support growth in the flow of goods within and
    through Maryland.
  • Facilitate opportunities for growth in jobs and business across the State.

 Select a Measure:

What We Measure:

User cost savings for the traveling public, including commercial traffic from reduced delay due to incident management. Cost savings are calculated using Coordinated Highways Action Response Team (CHART) incident response data.

Why We Measure:

Maryland assesses the total user cost savings to motorists and commercial traffic from reduced delay on SHA, MDTA and other Maryland roadways to quantify the tangible benefits of the Coordinated Highways Action Response Team (CHART) incident management program.

Performance Progress:

  • Helped reduce delay by 36.31 million vehicle-hours, and saved roadway users nearly $1.3 billion in CY 2014
  • Provided Strategic Highway Research Program (SHRP) 2 Traffic Incident Management training to 1,629 responders (including representatives of several law enforcement, fire, Emergency Medical Services (EMS), and transportation business units at the state, county and local levels) in Maryland
  • Handled 111,057 events, including incident responses, assistance with disabled vehicles, and traffic management operations, for special and weather-related events

Future Strategies:

  • Continue to evaluate the CHART patrol expansion to determine its effect on user cost savings and the reduction of roadway delays
  • Continue to work through the SHA Mobility Key Performance Area (KPA) to implement a Transportation Systems Management and Operations (TSM&O) Strategic Plan by December 2015
  • Continue providing SHRP 2 Traffic Incident Management training to partner organizations in Maryland
  • Explore cost-effective uses of limited resources through local, regional and state incident management coordination and collaboration