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Maryland Transportation System Performance Dashboard 2016 Annual Attainment Report Highlights

Goal: Quality of Service  


  • Increase the efficiency of transportation service delivery through the use of systems, processes, partnerships, technologies and improved service delivery methods.
  • Maintain and enhance customer satisfaction with transportation services across transportation business units.
  • Seek to maintain or improve travel reliability for key transportation corridors and services.
  • Continue to apply enhanced technologies to improve the transportation system and to communicate with the traveling public.

Select a Measure:

Select a Transportation Mode:

What We Measure:

MVA branch office customers wait time and customer satisfaction rating.

Why We Measure It:

Average customer visit time is a key indicator of the quality and efficiency of service delivery to customers and is directly related to customer satisfaction (i.e., as MVA branch customer visit time decreases, customer satisfaction increases).

Performance Progress:

  • Made numerous significant policy and process changes to reduce customer wait times and increase customer satisfaction and made changes in branch operations and business processes through technology enhancements
  • Implemented technological enhancements that support Alternative Service Delivery (ASD)
  • Branch wait times were made available online so that customers could have clear expectations of service time prior to their arrival
  • Offered additional alternative delivery methods for services and products which provide for enhanced customer convenience

Future Strategies:

  • Through 2017, continue to implement policies, technologies and strategies contained in the MVA Alternative Service Delivery Plan to reduce the average branch office and VEIP customer visit time
  • Through inter- and intra- agency partnerships and collaboration, the MVA will enhance its external service and product delivery to associated government agencies
  • Plan, design and implement an enhanced technical platform that will allow for the full integration of core business services and processes
  • Enhance its policies and practices to effectively coordinate dealer investigations and exchange of information between Business Licensing and Investigations Division