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Maryland Transportation System Performance Dashboard 2016 Annual Attainment Report Highlights

Goal: Quality of Service  


  • Increase the efficiency of transportation service delivery through the use of systems, processes, partnerships, technologies and improved service delivery methods.
  • Maintain and enhance customer satisfaction with transportation services across transportation business units.
  • Seek to maintain or improve travel reliability for key transportation corridors and services.
  • Continue to apply enhanced technologies to improve the transportation system and to communicate with the traveling public.

 Select a Measure:

Select a Transportation Mode:

What We Measure:

MTA Customer Satisfaction Rating.

Why We Measure It:

Reliable, safe, and convenient service are key factors in attracting ridership. Customer satisfaction reflects whether MTA is meeting its customer service standards and signals which modes require improvement.

Performance Progress:

  • The overall satisfaction rating remained comparatively steady from 3.2 in CY 2012 to 3.18 in CY 2014. However, there was an increase in the satisfaction rating for Light Rail and MARC. Local Bus, Baltimore Metro, Commuter Bus and Mobility remained the same or decreased. Some variations were within the survey’s margin of error; however, MTA takes these decreases seriously and is examining additional ways to enhance customer satisfaction
  • MTA replaced and enhanced signage in all rail stations to improve customer information

Future Strategies:

  • The BaltimoreLink initiative is expected to improve the levels of customer satisfaction by redesigning the local and express bus routes throughout Baltimore, improving the connectivity of transit in the Baltimore metropolitan region
  • Provide real-time customer information to help increase customers’ access to next vehicle arrivals, service disruptions, diversions and other important transit information
  • Continue field observations (covert and overt) to identify and rectify performance issues