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Maryland Transportation System Performance Dashboard 2016 Annual Attainment Report Highlights

Goal: Quality of Service  


  • Increase the efficiency of transportation service delivery through the use of systems, processes, partnerships, technologies and improved service delivery methods.
  • Maintain and enhance customer satisfaction with transportation services across transportation business units.
  • Seek to maintain or improve travel reliability for key transportation corridors and services.
  • Continue to apply enhanced technologies to improve the transportation system and to communicate with the traveling public.

Select a Measure:

Select Transportation Mode:

What We Measure:

Percent of MTA service on time.

Why We Measure It:

On time performance is an important indicator of service quality and efficiency and correlates highly with system usage and customer satisfaction.



Performance Progress:

  • Despite the considerable challenges noted below, MTA efficiently and effectively deployed resources to deliver service on time by either improving or maintaining OTP for all modes except Local Bus and Light Rail within 0.05% of FY 2011 values
  • Heavy rains/flooding and several snowstorms during FY 2015 affected service production and on time performance
  • The Baltimore riots during April-May 2015 affected core service (Bus, Light Rail and Baltimore Metro) causing detours, delays and service cuts

Future Strategies:

  • Improve OTP with the BaltimoreLink initiative, which will redesign the local and express bus routes throughout Baltimore, transforming the connectivity of transit in the Baltimore metropolitan region
  • Target and resolve issues creating OTP challenges for the Local Bus system, using better data systems to find and troubleshoot performance issues
  • Improve OTP through better schedule design and better operational supervision, using Automatic Vehicle Location (AVL) and Automatic Passenger Counter (APC) technologies
  • Continue with Light Rail vehicle mid-life overhaul project to increase fleet reliability
  • Schedule major track maintenance activities during periods of low ridership, minimizing the effect of this work on riders
  • Continue aggressive monitoring of MARC contracted operations and pursue infrastructure and schedule improvements that will benefit MARC riders