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Maryland Transportation System Performance Dashboard 2016 Annual Attainment Report Highlights

Goal: System Preservation  


  • Preserve and maintain State-owned or supported roadways, bridges, public transit, rail, bicycle and pedestrian facilities, ports, airports and other facilities in a state of good repair.

Select a Measure:

What We Measure:

Number of bridges and percent that are structurally deficient.

Why We Measure It:

The structurally deficient rating is an early warning sign to prioritize funding and to initiate repairs or to begin the bridge replacement process. This does not mean that the bridge is unsafe. If a bridge becomes unsafe, it is closed.

Performance Progress:

  • MDTA implemented an aggressive System Preservation program that identified projects in various stages of engineering, contract procurement and construction
  • MDTA conducted their yearly inspection on all facilities; SHA conducted their inspection on all bridges, done every two years per FHWA requirements
  • Total replacement or proactive system preservation projects are developed based on the priorities and overall condition assessment
  • SHA continued an aggressive bridge rehabilitation program with numerous contractor construction crews working full time year-round, addressed bridges that were structurally and otherwise deficient and minimized the number of bridges that may become structurally deficient

Future Strategies:

  • Advertise a contract in FY 2017 to replace the Canton Viaduct, the final MDTA bridge identified as structurally deficient in the 2010 inspection cycle
  • Continue to deliver high-priority system preservation projects and fund, design and perform high priority structural repairs based on annual inspection report findings
  • Continue to include preventative maintenance activities which will prolong the life of the existing infrastructure
  • Prioritize projects to more rapidly reduce the number of weight postings
  • Evaluate, monitor and prioritize bridges with at least one main element rated a five