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Maryland Transportation System Performance Dashboard 2016 Annual Attainment Report Highlights 

Goal: System Preservation and Performance  


  • Preserve and maintain State-owned or supported roadways, bridges, public transit, rail,
    bicycle and pedestrian facilities, ports, airports and other facilities in a state of good repair.

Select a Measure:


What We Measure:

Percentage of roadway miles with acceptable ride quality.*

Why We Measure It:

The traveling public has identified acceptable ride quality (i.e., the smoothness or roughness of the pavement) as a priority. Ride quality facilitates mobility, efficiency and safe movement of people and goods within Maryland.

Performance Progress:

  • SHA focused on improvements in roadways with deficient ride quality and continued implementation of operations and business plan strategies designed to effectively maintain ride quality
  • MDTA continued performing needed preservation improvements to all facilities, including resurfacing travel lanes and ramps, rehabilitating and/or painting bridges, and upgrading signs and lighting
  • MDTA has overhauled and enhanced the inspection program over the past several years to better identify, report and address inspection findings
  • MDTA has continued the use of an integrated facility management software to collect inspection findings, track repair efforts and compare facility needs over time
  • SHA continued to increase the use of pavement preservation treatments where appropriate to extend the service life of SHA roadways; SHA improved 15% of the SHA pavement network in CY 2014 with a mix of pavement preservation treatment to prolong the service life of the network

Future Strategies:

  • Focus on high priority prevention and maintenance projects and ensure that all repair assignments are made based on priority; utilize the design and construction contract schedule to perform structural repairs in the high-priority category of the annual inspection
  • Continue to prioritize defects based on the confirmed rating of the defect
  • Continue implementation of the Federal Highway Administration (FHWA) and SHA pavement preservation program, and seek federal funding for maintenance activities as part of an asset management program
  • Increase the use of durable materials in high-demand SHA roadways and target low surface friction locations on SHA roadways