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Maryland Transportation System Performance Dashboard 2018 Annual Attainment Report Highlights 

Goal: Community Vitality


  • Better coordinate transportation investments and land use planning to support the environmental, social and economic sustainability of Maryland's existing communities and planned growth areas.
  • Enhance transportation networks and choices to improve mobility and accessibility, and to better integrate with land use.
  • Increase and enhance transportation connections to move people and goods within and between activity centers.

 Select a Measure:


Transit Ridership Highway Congestion Sidewalks Bicycle Facilities


What We Measure:

Percentage of State-Owned Roadway Centerline Miles With a Bicycle Level of Comfort (BLOC) Grade "D" or Better & Number of Directional Miles Improved for Bicycle Access

Why We Measure:

Bicycle Level of Comfort (BLOC) (scale "A" to "F") is a measure for assessing the quality of the statewide roadway system for its comfort and compatability with bicycle users. "Improved for bicycle access" means that shoulder and travel lanes have permanent markings to designate use for bicyclists.  Bicycle access is a good measure of "Bike Friendliness;" however, access is not captured in the BLOC formula; thus, both must be taken into account when evaluating the quality of the bicycling environment.

Why Did Performance Change?

  • Coordinated with bicycle and pedestrian groups to review and recommend approaches and strategies to statewide bicycle safety education and outreach
  • Significantly increased the number of directional miles improved for bicycle access, due to evaluation and inclusion of bicycle improvements in all projects to the maximum extent practical
  • Spent $1.6 million for construction of the missing link of the Bethesda Trolley Trail along MD 187
  • Invested $3.1 million in FY 2017 to design and construct dedicated bicycle retrofit projects along MDOT SHA roadways, including a dedicated bicycle lane project on MD 182 from Poplar Run Drive to MD 200

What Are Future Performance Strategies?

  • Develop the bicycle spine network to identify priority routes for bicycle improvements and update of the MDOT bicycle access policy to focus bicycle improvements on supporting State, regional and local master plans or bicycle plans
  • Support bikeway projects along state highways ($15.7 million for the Bicycle Retrofit Program in the FY 2018–FY 2023 CTP)