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Maryland Transportation System Performance Dashboard 2018 Annual Attainment Report Highlights 

Goal: Community Vitality


  • Better coordinate transportation investments and land use planning to support the environmental, social and economic sustainability of Maryland's existing communities and planned growth areas.
  • Enhance transportation networks and choices to improve mobility and accessibility, and to better integrate with land use.
  • Increase and enhance transportation connections to move people and goods within and between activity centers.

 Select a Measure:


Transit Ridership Highway Congestion Sidewalks Bicycle Facilities


What We Measure:

Percentage of State-Owned Roadway Directional Miles Within Urban Areas That Have Sidewalks and Percent of Sidewalks that Meet Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) Compliance

Why We Measure:

Available sidewalk facilities provide mobility for pedestrians. Tracking the percent that are Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) compliant helps ascertain whether Maryland’s sidewalk program meets federal benchmarks.

MDOT SHA:  Percentage of State-Owned Roadway Directional Miles Within Urban Areas That Have Sidewalks & Percent of Sidewalks That Meet Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) Compliance*

Why Did Performance Change?

  • Invested $16.0 million in FY 2017 to improve and construct sidewalks and to address ADA accessibility, including the construction of new directional miles of sidewalk in Charlestown and North East
  • Decrease from previous report due to a re-evaluation of sidewalks previously noted as ADA compliant; ADA Accessibility Guidelines now call for specific passing zone requirements and some sidewalks no longer meet these guidelines. Re-evaluation was initiated in FY 2016 and completed in FY 2017 

What Are Future Performance Strategies?

  • Collaborate with urban counties and local governments to identify new sidewalk projects based on local requests and safety and access needs
  • Begin construction of sidewalk projects in Brunswick, Crofton and Westminster in FY 2018
  • Support safe pedestrian access along state highways ($31.7 million for the New Sidewalk Construction for Pedestrian Access Program and $43.4 million for the Sidewalk Reconstruction for Pedestrian Access Program (ADA Compliance) in the FY 2018–FY 2023 CTP)