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Maryland Transportation System Performance Dashboard 2018 Annual Attainment Report Highlights

Goal: Quality of Service


  • Increase the efficiency of transportation service delivery through the use of systems, processes, partnerships, technologies and improved service delivery methods.
  • Maintain and enhance customer satisfaction with transportation services across transportation business units.
  • Seek to maintain or improve travel reliability for key transportation corridors and services.
  • Continue to apply enhanced technologies to improve the transportation system and to communicate with the traveling public.

 Select a Measure:


What We Measure:

Percentage of toll transactions collected electronically.

Why we measure:

Electronic toll collection systems expedite the toll collection process, reduce delays on toll plazas, decrease emissions, and are available at all eight toll facilities across the State.


Why Did Performance Change?

  • E-ZPass transactions increased by 1.8% and total transactions increased by 3.4% between FY 2016 and FY 2017
  • The number of E-ZPass accounts increased significantly (11.4%) due to a 3.4% increase in total traffic and a public outreach campaign to encourage use of E-ZPass
  • Toll decreases and the new I-95 ETL had a strong impact on transaction volume increase

What Are Future Performance Strategies?

  • Manage the citation system through MDOT MVA and Central Collection Unit to encourage the use of E-ZPass transponders
  • Complete studies to facilitate the movement to All Electronic Tolls (AET) for Francis Scott Key (FSK) and the Thomas J. Hatem (TJH) bridges ($63.6 million in the FY 2018–FY 2023 CTP for Authority-Wide - Replace Electronic Toll Collection and Operating System - 3rd Generation)