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Maryland Transportation System Performance Dashboard 2018 Annual Attainment Report Highlights

Goal: Safety and Security


  • Reduce the number of lives lost and injuries sustained on Maryland’s transportation system.
  • Provide secure transportation infrastructure, assets and operations for the safe movement of people and goods.

Select a Measure:

Traffic Safety Pedestrian Safety Bicycle Safety

What We Measure:

Number of traffic fatalities and personal injuries on all roads in Maryland.

Why We Measure It:

Maryland measures the numbers of both traffic fatalities and injuries on all Maryland roadways, focusing on fatalities and serious injuries in six emphasis areas related to desired safety outcomes. Maryland joined other states and organizations in adopting the goal of the national initiative Toward Zero Deaths: A National Strategy on Highway Safety, to reduce traffic fatalities by half by 2030. Maryland supports the long-term goal of zero deaths and is committed to adopting strategies to achieve that purpose. 

Why Did Performance Change?

  • With increased vehicle miles traveled (VMT) on Maryland roadways, the number of vehicles and drivers on the road created greater exposure in environments where risky driver behavior escalates negative outcomes
  • The results of the run-off-the-road study led to an updated MDOT SHA policy on rumble strips, to include them on beltways and all interstate roadways 
  • Implemented Pedestrian Road Safety Audits (PRSA) to improve a data-driven approach to the selection and programming of pedestrian safety enhancement projects and educational outreach 
  • Implemented educational marketing in tandem with engineering improvements, as well as targeted geographic areas with specific issues (i.e., pedestrian safety at schools and college campuses, bicycle safety where cyclists commute) 
  • Applied strategies from the Strategic Highway Safety Plan (SHSP) and local plans for reducing fatalities and serious injuries 

What Are Future Performance Strategies?

  • MDOT TBUs will host activities as part of National Distracted Driving Awareness Month and host National Work Zone Safety Awareness Week 
  • Focus on geographical locations with the highest crash severity 
  • Develop and implement a communications and marketing plan that addresses high priority traffic safety issues; explore increased social media marketing  
  • MDOT TBUs have assembled a team to work on geospatial analysis of crash data to identify high risk curves and screen candidate locations for high friction surface treatments 
  • Work with local jurisdictions to encourage their adoption of a local Strategic Highway Safety Plan