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Maryland Transportation System Performance Dashboard 2018 Annual Attainment Report Highlights

Goal: System Preservation


  • Preserve and maintain State-owned or supported roadways, bridges, public transit, rail, bicycle and pedestrian facilities, port, airports and other facilities in a state of good repair.

Select a Measure:

What We Measure:

Number of bridges and percent that are structurally deficient.

Why We Measure It:

The structurally deficient rating is an early warning sign for engineers to initiate the rehabilitation or replacement process and is used when prioritizing and recommending system preservation funding. The rating applies to three main elements of a bridge: 1) deck (riding surface); 2) superstructure (main supporting element of the deck); and 3) substructure (supports to hold up the superstructure and deck). These elements are rated on a scale from zero (closed to traffic) to nine (relatively new). If any of the three elements is rated as a four or less, the bridge is categorized as structurally deficient by federal standards. This does not mean that the bridge is unsafe; if a bridge becomes unsafe, it is closed. The transportation business units (TBUs) place a high priority on bridge programs, as impassable bridges can cause significant rerouting of traffic and congestion delay and in rural areas, closed bridges can create significantly longer travel distances for rural communities’ daily activities and commutes.

Why Did Performance Change?

  • MDOT SHA reported 67 structurally deficient bridges in April 2017 and addressed 235 bridges with an aggressive minor rehabilitation program to help keep them from becoming structurally deficient
  • MDTA developed and implemented a comprehensive Facility Inspection Program, integrated facilities asset management software and completed a comprehensive inspection manual specific to MDTA

What Are Future Performance Strategies?

  • Evaluate, monitor and prioritize bridges with a rating of five (fair condition) in at least one main element
  • Replace the Canton Viaduct of the I-895 Baltimore Harbor Tunnel Thruway