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Maryland Transportation System Performance Dashboard 2018 Annual Attainment Report Highlights 

Goal: System Preservation


  • Preserve and maintain State-owned or supported roadways, bridges, public transit, rail, bicycle and pedestrian facilities, port, airports and other facilities in a state of good repair.

Select a Measure:


What We Measure:

Percentage of roadway miles with acceptable ride quality.*

Why We Measure It:

The traveling public has identified acceptable ride quality (i.e., the smoothness or roughness of the pavement) as a priority. Ride quality facilitates mobility, efficiency and safe movement of people and goods within Maryland.

Why Did Performance Change?

  • MDOT SHA continued to focus on improving roadways with deficient ride quality and continued the increased use of pavement preservation treatments, where appropriate, to extend the service life of MDOT SHA roadways at the lowest possible cost
  • MDOT SHA preserved and improved 8% of the MDOT SHA pavement network, compared to 6% the previous year ($18.8 million in the FY 2018–FY 2023 CTP for milling and resurfacing along MD 213, MD 298, MD 292 and MD 566)
  • MDTA’s revised approach toward system-wide preventative maintenance and preservation emphasizes an advanced response to needs identified in the annual inspection reports
  • MDTA overhauled and enhanced their inspection program over the past several years to better identify, report and address inspection findings; developed and implemented the Facility Inspection Program Strategic Plan; and continued the use of an integrated facility management software to collect inspection findings, track repair efforts and compare facility needs over time
  • MDTA performed needed preservation improvements to all facilities, including resurfacing travel lanes and ramps, full-depth pavement repairs and crack sealing 

What Are Future Performance Strategies?

  • Focus on higher-priority prevention and maintenance
  • Utilize design and construction contract schedules to perform structural repairs in high priority preventative maintenance programs
  • Increase the use of more durable materials in high-demand MDOT SHA roadways and investigate alternative pavement treatments to extend the pavement life within budget realities
  • Target low surface friction locations and expand the use of recycled materials in MDOT SHA roadway projects
  • Continue to implement the FHWA and MDOT SHA Pavement Preservation program to strategically utilize system preservation activities