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Visit our full site for further details and information on our priorities, a list of Maryland's Electric Vehicle Infrastructure Council (EVIC) members, and interactive maps. 

About the Council

The Electric Vehicle Infrastructure Council (EVIC) was established through legislation introduced in 2011 as part of a package of bills to promote electric vehicles (EVs).  The EVIC was charged with the evaluation of incentives for the ownership of EVs and the purchase of EV charging equipment; the development of recommendations for a statewide infrastructure plan; and the development of other potential policies to promote the successful integration of EVs into Maryland ‘s communities and the transportation system. 

2019 Meeting Schedue:
January 30th: Agenda | Notes (Draft)
March 29th: Agenda
May 23rd
July 18th
September 19th
November 21st

2018 Meeting Schedule:
January 19th:  Agenda | Notes
March 15th: Agenda | Notes
May 30th: Agenda | Notes
July 26th: Agenda | Notes
September 20th: Agenda | Notes
December 14th: Agenda | Notes

*All meetings will be held at the Maryland Department of Transportation Headquarters, located at 7201 Corporate Center Drive in Hanover, Maryland. Documents prior to 2018 are available:

Staff Contact:

Colleen Turner
Assistant Director, Office of Planning & Capital Programming