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EVIC Final Report


Maryland Electric Truck Voucher Program

Myths and Facts About Electric Cars

Maryland General Assembly (HOV lane use/reciprocity with Virginia)

Virginia Initial Electric Vehicle Plan 

State of Connecticut Electric Vehicle Infrastructure Council Final Report

Electric Vehicle Infrastructure: A guide for local governments in
Washington State

Electric Vehicles: Connecting Michigan’s Past and Future

Electric Vehicle Charging Infrastructure Deployment Guidelines for the
State of Tennessee

Plug-In Electric Vehicles: A Practical Plan for Progress (Indiana University)

Electric Vehicle Initiatives in Other States

Establishing California Leadership in the Plug-in Electric Vehicle 
Marketplace The California Plug-In Electric Vehicle Collaborative



Electric Vehicle Charging Infrastructure Deployment Guidelines for the
Greater San Diego Area

Long-Range EV Charging Infrastructure Plan for Greater San Diego

Regional Alternative Fuels, Vehicles and Infrastructure Report (San Diego Region)

Austin Energy Transportation Electrification Program Near Term Timeline

Sonoma County Electric Vehicle Charging Station Program & Installation Guidelines


VTrans Electric Vehicle Fueling Infrastructure Plan

States Drive Northeast Electric Vehicle Network Forward, Releasing a Suite of Documents to Prepare Policymakers and Businesses for EV Growth

Plug-In Vehicle Sales Top 7,000 for April; Tesla Leading the Charge

How to do Electric Car Chargers Right

What to know When Buying an Electric Vehicle

State of Charge: Electric Vehicles’ Global Warming Emissions and Fuel-Cost Savings Across the US - Union of Concerned Scientists

Plug-in Electric Vehicles with the U.S. Elecrical Grid Action Plan

Electric Taxis in Bay Area
Electric Truck Manufacturing in the Bronx
Beyond the Plug: Finding Value in the Electric Vehicle Charging Ecosystem

Modeling Best Locations for Electric Vehicle Charging Stations

Fairfax County Virginia Mitre Report

Northeast States Form Electric Vehicle Network

Project Get Ready: Preparing Cities for the Plug-in Electric Vehicle

Electric Drive Transportation Association (EDTA) Report

Electrification Coalition: Fleets

EV Conference Report - Oregon

Oregon’s VMT Pilot Program

Pew Climate Center


Aerovironment: EV Solutions

US Department of Energy: Alternative Fuels and Advanced Vehicles Data Center: Comprehensive List of Incentives

Virginia Electric Vehicles

Pike Research