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MDOT is committed to reducing its conventional energy usage through energy efficiency measures and use of renewable energy sources. Why did we make such a commitment? In 2016, MDOT used 385,000 megawatts of conventional energy, equivalent to the same amount of energy used by 31,500 homes. This energy cost MDOT $39 million and generated 261,000 metric tons of carbon dioxide. By reducing conventional energy use, MDOT can generate revenue from renewable energy development, save Marylander taxpayers money, reduce harmful air emissions, and help Maryland meet its clean energy and greenhouse gas reduction goals.

Renewable Energy

The Department has installed solar, wind, and geothermal energy systems at a number of MDOT facilities. In 2016, these systems generated 1,829 megawatt hours, saving us $200,000 and reducing our carbon dioxide emissions by 1,285 metric tons. To put that in perspective, these renewable energy systems generated enough energy to power 150 homes for the year. This is a great start, but we'd like to do better. To do so, MDOT has established a Renewable Energy Development Contract that will allow us to install more renewable energy systems on our properties throughout the state.


Energy Efficiency

MDOT is working diligently to increase energy efficiency. Each of the Department's Transportation Business Units (MDOT MAA, MDOT MPA, MDOT MTA, MDTA, and MDOT SHA) has completed a comprehensive Energy Plan that details its energy consuming entities, existing and future energy conservation strategies, and future energy conservation goals. A few examples of existing energy conservation measures include: Energy Performance Contracts; lighting upgrades; participation in Demand Response Programs; energy audits; building automation systems; submetering; system preservation (e.g., new roofs and windows); routine inspection and preventative maintenance programs; and tenant awareness programs.


photos of LED and halogen bulbs taken from EPA website


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