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MDOT Environmental Commitment Statement

Maryland Department of Transportation (MDOT), comprised of the Transportation Secretary’s Office, Maryland Aviation Administration, Maryland Port Administration, Maryland Transit Administration, Motor Vehicle Administration, State Highway Administration, and the Maryland Transportation Authority, believe that protection of human health and natural resources and implementation of environmentally sustainable business practices are essential elements of its mission.  MDOT is committed to environmental compliance, continuous improvement in environmental performance and effective interaction with its employees, other government agencies, and the community.

Management Commitment

MDOT is committed to providing the leadership, systems, and resources necessary, through The Secretary’s Office of Environment’s delegated authority, to ensure that the objectives of this policy are achieved.  MDOT is committed to promoting a culture where environmental protection and compliance are an integral part of our management practices.

Employee Commitment

All MDOT employees are responsible and accountable for meeting their assigned roles and achieving objectives regarding environmental performance.


MDOT will maintain compliance with applicable environmental laws, regulations, and other requirements subscribed to.

Sustainable Practices

MDOT will responsibly manage environmental resources and minimize impacts of its activities on the environment through effective planning, project development, operations and maintenance procedures.


MDOT will incorporate environmental performance goals into planning processes to ensure that regulatory requirements, pollution prevention and opportunities to minimize life cycle impacts are addresses in program and project management.


MDOT will communicate its environmental policy and performance goals to employees and stakeholders, ensure interdepartmental coordination, and will maintain open lines of communication about its environmental activities with the public.

Continuous Improvement

MDOT will strive for continuous improvement of its environmental performance through a program that includes training, periodic assessments, management review and implementation of initiatives.

In addition to an annual review of our progress on environmental goals and adherence to this policy, we invite interested parties to provide us feedback on this policy, Click on the following to contact us: MDOT Office of Environment

To view a signed copy of the policy click here