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Solar Program at MDOT

The Maryland Department of Transportation (MDOT) currently has five photovoltaic (PV) systems installed on its properties at MDTA (1, at Francis Scott Key), MDOT MAA (1, at BWI on top of the Daily Garage), MDOT MTA (1, at Bus Northwest Facility), and MDOT MPA (2, Cruise Terminal and Dundalk Shed 10), totaling approximately 1.8 megawatts (MW). Additionally, MDOT has developed a new Solar Contract which will establish more PV systems across MDOT and the State of Maryland.


MDOT's Solar Contract:

Furthering the Hogan Administration’s commitment to the environment and to using transportation dollars wisely, MDOT will run a number of its facilities throughout the State with solar power. The Board of Public Works, chaired by Governor Larry Hogan, approved MDOT's Renewable Energy Master Contract at its February 7, 2018 meeting. The program, one of the first of its kind by a state transportation agency in the country, is projected to generate 300 construction and 30 operations and maintenance jobs, with more positions added as solar power expands to other MDOT sites.

Through the bidding process, MDOT selected six Master Contractors who will compete to install solar PV systems on MDOT properties.

The Master Contractors are:

Solar projects will be by site as a project, or multiple sites bundled together as a project. A Task Order Request will be issued to the Master Contractors through secondary competition. An award will be made to the Master Contractor making the most advantageous offer. The Master Contractor will construct, own, operate, and maintain the PV system infrastructure for the life of the system (20-25 years). Once the PV systems are in place, MDOT will buy the power at a fixed rate. MDOT will not expend any capital funds to pay for the PV systems. The initial contract for construction of the PV systems is five years, with a two-year renewal option.

Sites owned by all MDOT business units and the Maryland Transportation Authority may be considered for development. MDOT owns or controls more than 874 facilities, including buildings, parking garages, and parking lots that can be considered for PV system development.

MDOT recognizes the development of PV systems as an opportunity to further social, environmental, and economic benefits across MDOT and the State. The projects will:


How You Can Use the Solar Contract:

The RFP allows Maryland County’s, municipalities, instrumentalities of the State, and other non-State of Maryland governments or government agencies and not for profit 501 (c) (3) organizations within the State of Maryland to purchase the Contractors’ services covered by the Master Services Agreement (MSA). All such purchases by instrumentalities of the State, non-State of Maryland governments, government agencies or not for profit organizations:

  1. Shall constitute MSA between the Contractor and that government, agency or organization;
  2. Shall not constitute purchases by the State or State agencies under this MSA;
  3. Shall not be binding or enforceable against the State; and
  4. May be subject to other terms and conditions agreed to by the Contractor and the purchaser. The Contractor bears the risk of determining whether a government, agency, or organization with which the Contractor is dealing is a State of Maryland agency.

All MSA terms and conditions must be provided to any Maryland local government or not for profit organization requesting services under the MSA.

If you are interested in using the MDOT Renewable Energy Master Contract to install PV systems on your property, you may follow the terms of the Master Contract and contact the Master Contractors directly.


For contract documents or questions, please contact:
Laura Rogers
Program Manager
Maryland Department of Transportation
7201 Corporate Center Drive, Hanover, MD 21076
Phone: 410.865.1026