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MDOT Excellerator Performance Management System

Our MDOT Excellerator program is comprised of ten tangible results. These results are critical components for the organization and will drive our daily business decisions. How we achieve these results will be an organization-wide process of developing measures and strategies to achieve the optimum level of performance. The public we serve is able to see the results of our performance every quarter, as we update and share the MDOT Excellerator Report each Quarter.  This program is a living, evolving performance process that is in a constant state of evaluation, analysis and action. Some quarters may be better than others, but with the appropriate measures in place, we will have a constant finger on the pulse of the products and services we deliver to the citizens of Maryland. Whether we are being a good neighbor or facilitating economic opportunities within our State, we, the Maryland Department of Transportation, are working together every day to improve our performance and strive to reach exceptional customer service. Please peruse the ten tangible results and the related performance measures to gain a better understanding of how we can improve our performance through the MDOT Excellerator Performance Management System.

Full MDOT Excellerator Document - August 2019

MDOT Excellerator Archive
Last Updated on 10/21/2019