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The Maryland Department of Transportation (MDOT) is committed to minimizing adverse impacts, conserving natural resources, and integrating sustainability into all aspects of transportation systems. Our commitment extends to the environment, our customers, our staff and the communities in which we operate.

The topics below represent topical areas of content that we cover. Peruse the links below to learn more about our department and what we provide. Please contact us with any questions or comments.

News | Upcoming Meetings

FY2020 Maryland Bikeways Awards Announced

Maryland Zero Electric Vehicle Infrastructure Council (ZEEVIC) wins award from Greater Washington Clean Cities Coalition

Maryland Zero Electric Vehicle Infrastructure Council next meeting is November 21st

MD Transportation Commission (MTC) next meeting is November 7th

Long Range & Strategic Planning

Maryland Transportation Plan (MTP)

MDOT Environmental Planning & Programs

Freight Planning

Bicycle & Pedestrian Master Plan

Biking and Pedestrian Planning & Programs

MTA Regional Transit Plan (RTP)

Regional Planning

FY 2019 Statewide Transportation Improvement Program (STIP) Based on Regional Plans

20-Year, Long-Range Transportation Plans developed by Six Metropolitan Planning Organizations

Metropolitan Planning Organizations (MPOs) Resources

Rural Consultative Process

Commissions & Councils

Key Committees and Commissions

Maryland Partners and Planning Resources

Maryland Zero Emission Electric Vehicle Infrastrure Council

Maryland Bicycle & Pedestrian Advisory Committee

Maryland Transportation Commission

Capital Programming & 
Transportation Budgeting

FY 2020 - FY 2025 Consolidated Transportation Program - Fall 2019 Tour Schedule (PDF) (*With updated Baltimore County location, St. Mary's County Date, and Charles County time)

FY 2020 - FY 2025 Consolidated Transportation Program (CTP)

Highlights of the 2020 State Report on Transportation

County Project Priority Letters

Chapter 30 Scoring Model

Ongoing Projects & Studies

The Chesapeake Bay Crossing Study

The Purple Line

Other Transportation Studies


Programs, Initiatives, & Grants

Commuter Choice Maryland

MDOT Discretionary Grant Applications

Bus Rapid Transit

Maryland Bikeways Map and Web Application

New Maryland TOD Website Launched

Get Kids Outside in Maryland! (Project Green Classrooms) Site Launched

Interactive map displaying Maryland Opportunity Zones & Sustainable Communities Launched

Transportation & Climate Change Workshop Materials (May, 2019)

Performance Management

2019 Attainment Report (AR)

2019 Attainment Report Advisory Committee

MDOT Excellerator