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What is the Maryland Transportation Plan and why is it important?

Every five years, the Maryland Department of Transportation (MDOT) develops a 20-year vision for transportation in the state known as the Maryland Transportation Plan (MTP). 
The MTP outlines the State’s overarching transportation priorities and helps create a larger context for transportation decision-making. The plan embodies MDOT’s vision:
The Maryland Department of Transportation is a customer-driven leader that delivers safe, sustainable, intelligent, and exceptional transportation solutions in order to connect our customers to life’s opportunities.
Consistent with MDOT’s vision, the MTP addresses major goals. The goals below, from the 2035 MTP, are currently being assessed with other transportation priorities in order to develop and define which transportation priorities are most important to stakeholders in Maryland.

Economic Prosperity

Support a healthy
and competitive
Maryland economy.

Safety & Security

Enhance the safety of transportation
system users and develop a
transportation system that is
resilient to natural or man-made hazards.

System Preservation

Preserve and maintain the
State's existing transportation
infrastructure and assets.

Quality of Services

Maintain and enhance the quality of service
experienced by users of
Maryland's transportation system.

Environmental Stewardship

Ensure that the delivery of
the State's transportation infrstructure
program conserves and enhances
Maryland's natural, historic, and
cultural resources.

Community Vitality

Provide options for the movement of
people and goods that support
communities and quality of life.


Once developed, the MTP guides the development of the Consolidated Transportation Program (CTP), which identifies specific road, bridge, transit, aviation, port, pedestrian, and bikeway projects that will be funded over the six-year capital program.

How Does the MTP Get Updated?

The MTP is updated through extensive consultation and coordination with state, regional and local government stakeholders and outreach to Maryland’s citizens, such as the Maryland Transportation Plan Survey. You can also comment via email to The perspectives of transportation users are critical in shaping the MTP. 
MDOT is currently conducting outreach to Maryland’s citizens, agencies and interested organizations to update this long-range planning policy document through use of an online survey, Transportation Business Unit Engagement Session, an upcoming webinar, through email to, and this website.

The Attainment Report & Advisory Committee

MDOT’s annual Attainment Report on Transportation System Performance measures progress toward achieving strategic goals and targets through investments in projects in our Consolidated Transportation Program, and through daily operations. Using over 50 performance measures across the Department, the report details MDOT’s progress in facilitating safety, economic opportunity, and quality of service improvements, among others.  This past year, MDOT has taken several significant steps towards improving the entire transportation network through targeted investments, innovative project delivery, and the use of practical design and strategic cost savings.”(The 2018 Attainment Report is available now). 

An Advisory Committee is convened each time the Maryland Department of Transportation (MDOT) develops a new long-range transportation plan to advise the department on the selection of appropriate performance measures and targets. Info about the 2040 MTP Attainment Report Advisory Committee can be found here.

Why Does the MTP Get Updated?

The MTP is updated every five years to address current and future transportation challenges and conditions. 

There are important considerations to look at. Here’s a snapshot of Maryland that shows some of the land and transportation data that help to inform the plan:

Land & Transportation - Maryland by the Numbers

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