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The 2035 Maryland Transportation Plan (MTP) is a 20-year vision for transportation in Maryland. The MTP outlines the State's transportation goals, policies and priorities and helps guide statewide investment decisions across all modes of transportation. The MTP is one component of the annual State Report on Transportation, which also includes the Consolidated Transportation Program (CTP) and the Annual Attainment Report on Transportation System Performance (AR). The CTP is Maryland's six-year capital budget for transportation projects, and the AR tracks MDOT's progress each year towards attaining the goals and objectives of the MTP based on outcome-oriented performance measures.


2035 Maryland Transportation Plan Outreach 

In accordance with State and Federal laws, MDOT updates the MTP every five years to address current and future transportation conditions and challenges.
MDOT engaged Maryland's residents, businesses, governmental agencies, and interested stakeholders to ensure that the long-range vision, goals and objectives contained in the 2035 MTP reflect and respond to the needs of all Marylanders. This process included:

  • Public involvement to ensure the planning process was inclusive and responsive to a host of diverse interests.
  • Consultation and coordination with State, local, and regional planning efforts and stakeholders.
  • Analysis of issues that will shape existing and future conditions and the performance of Maryland's transportation system.
  • Development of MTP implementation strategies that address capital investment, operations, management, environmental mitigation, and multimodal connections.