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Statewide Transportation Improvement Program (STIP)

The 2017 Statewide Transportation Improvement Program (STIP) was approved on August 30th, 2016. The 2017 STIP is a listing of transportation projects requesting funding that includes proposed federal, state and local money for highway, transit, bicycle and pedestrian projects throughout the State during the next four years. The funding will go towards maintaining, operating and expanding the transportation system.

2017 Statewide Transportation Improvement Program

Executive Summary and Project Information – This section contains an overview of the STIP development process, demonstrates compliance with Federal and State law, and illustrates the vital role of public outreach and participation.  This section also contains the Statewide Maryland Transit Administration projects and non-metropolitan area highway projects.

2017 Full STIP Document

1.0:     Introduction
2.0:     Overview of Transportation Planning Agencies
3.0:     Key Transportation Planning Documents
4.0:     Maryland’s STIP Development
5.0      Linking Maryland’s STIP to MAP 21

Appendix A:   Statement of Self-Certification
Appendix B:   SHA List of Projects for which Federal Funds have been obligated the previous year
Appendix C:   MTA List of Projects for which Federal Funds have been obligated the previous year
Appendix D:   SHA Financial Constraint Summary Table and Explanation Worksheet
Appendix E:   Statewide Financial Constraint Summary Table and Explanation Worksheet
Appendix F:   Eastern Federal Lands Division Projects
Appendix G:  SPR Information
Appendix H:  Federal Funding Sources
Appendix I:   Glossary
Appendix J:   MTA Urban Transit Projects in the TIPs
Appendix K:  MTA Rural Statewide Transit Projects
Appendix L:  SHA Rural Statewide Projects

Transportation Improvement Programs (TIPs)

Metropolitan Planning Organization Transportation Improvement Programs (TIPs)   This section presents each of the seven MPOs TIPs without change as required by Fixing America's Surface Transportation Act (FAST Act).  Please reference the appropriate TIP for all urban area transit and highway projects.
Baltimore Regional Transportation Board (BRTB) - TIP

Calvert - St. Mary's MPO (C-SMMPO) - TIP

Cumberland MPO - TIP

Hagerstown-Eastern Panhandle MPO (HEPMPO) - TIP

National Capitol Region Transportation Planning Board (TPB) - TIP

Salisbury/Wicomico Area MPO - TIP

Wilmington Metropolitan Planning and Coordinating Council (WILMAPCO) - TIP


Previous STIP Documents and Amendments

2014 Full STIP Document

2014 STIP Amendments

2013 Full STIP Document

2013 STIP Amendments

2011 Full STIP Document

2011 STIP Amendments


Non-Metropolitan Area Consultative Process

The document below fulfills federal requirements for recording and implementing the Non-Metropolitan Jurisdictional consultation process as part of Statewide transportation planning, programming and decision-making.

Rural Consultation Process

Revised Federal MOU Clarifying STIP Amendment and Administrative Modification Procedures

Procedures Document


Contact Information

To share your thoughts and ideas, send all comments in writing to: 

STIP Comments - Office of Planning & Capital Programming

Maryland Department of Transportation
7201 Corporate Center Drive   

Hanover, Maryland 21076