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Aberdeen MARC Station

Transit Oriented Development (TOD)

In 2010, the Aberdeen station area was one of 14 station areas officially designated for transit-oriented development in Maryland. In keeping with statute, this designation allows MDOT and other state agencies to partner with local leaders to become more active in advancing TOD.

Aberdeen TOD Designated Area


Transit Oriented Development District Zoning

Aberdeen’s TOD District code was adopted into law by Aberdeen City Council in the Spring of 2014. This form based code was developed through a partnership between the City of Aberdeen and representatives from the Maryland Department of Planning (MDP), and Maryland Department of Transportation (MDOT): The Secretary’s Office (TSO) and Maryland Transit Administration (MTA), as well as consultation from the State Highway Administration (SHA) and assistance with graphics and expertise from the Aberdeen City Attorney for legal sufficiency, format and procedures.

Transit Oriented Development District, to download and view click here:

Effective March 17, 2014


District Map Amendment, to download and view click here:

Effective May 19, 2014


The adopted code provides for, among other subjects, the establishment of building type and orientation, site design, and other standards that apply to all development proposed to be constructed in the TOD District. The TOD District code  is transect-based with a corresponding Regulating Plan that prescribes the appropriate permitted uses, building heights, site design, building type, building frontage types, pedestrian environment and streetscape in the TOD District, based on the parcel's location and street frontage type. 
Aberdeen’s TOD District code’s Regulating Plan is calibrated to Aberdeen’s TOD Master Plan concept areas and fosters a mix of vertical and horizontal land uses, emphasizes shopfronts and commercial uses at street level, promotes wide pedestrian friendly sidewalks and multimodal streets, encourages upper story residential and office uses, park and open space bonus, provides parking placement standards and access through rear alleys or side streets. The TOD District allows a range of uses that may be permitted for properties within these areas to include a mix of residential, commercial and institutional uses.  
Facilitation and development of the Aberdeen TOD Master Plan and creation of the TOD District code occurred to support Aberdeen and its state TOD designation by providing an implementation plan and to serve as the basis for the City’s pursuit of a broader range of grant and local financing implementation mechanisms.

Aberdeen TOD Comprehensive Parking Study

The Aberdeen 2014 Transit Oriented Development Parking Study builds upon the Aberdeen Transit Oriented Development (TOD) Master Plan and the 2014 Development Code Revision-TOD District Ordinance #14-O-05. It offers supplemental data and recommendations to assist in implementing the parking elements of both these documents. The Study focuses on public parking in Aberdeen’s designated TOD Area and is primarily intended to confirm the Master Plan’s concept that existing public parking is available to meet new parking needs. To aid in these efforts, this study includes analysis and illustration of existing public parking, future TOD parking demand, public parking management and wayfinding signage for parking.


Aberdeen Station Square Feasibility Study (November 2012)

In November 2012, the City of Aberdeen and MTA/MDOT worked collaboratively with Harford County Cheasapeake Science and Security Corridor to update and further refine the concepts from a 2009 multi-modal transportation center study consistent with the Master Plan and provided a pre-preliminary engineering feasibility analysis for the Station Square Concept adopted in the Aberdeen TOD Master Plan.

3D Visualization of Proposed Aberdeen Station Square

To download and view click here:  Zip File Download

To view as a link online click here:  YouTube Link

Simulation Created by Kevin Law, Maryland SHA
(File is 68.5 MB and may take time to load)


Final Aberdeen Station Square Feasibility Study (November 2012)


Aberdeen TOD Master Plan

In 2011, the City of Aberdeen in partnership with MDOT, including MTA and the State Highway Administration (SHA), collaboratively developed the Aberdeen TOD Master plan with community TOD partners including but not limited to Harford County agencies (Planning, Economic Development, Aging, Harford Transit); Chesapeake Science and Security Corridor; Aberdeen Proving Ground; the Army Alliance; Amtrak  and CSX railroads.  The TOD Master Plan was unanimously adopted by Aberdeen City Council in May 2012.  Since their MD Sustainable Communities designation in 2011, the City continues to leverage available grant program opportunities to implement their TOD Master Plan.

Aberdeen TOD Master Plan



Aberdeen TOD Concept Master Plan Development

The concepts developed in the TOD Master Plan and TOD District were guided by the following goals for redevelopment in downtown Aberdeen established during the Master Plan Design Concept Workshop: walkable, accessible, and convenient; reinforcing a small town character; bringing added value; bringing about a sense of place; creating a safe place and providing green space for recreation.

The Aberdeen station represents an excellent opportunity to build upon the area's tradition of using transit to influence town form.  The station area's context encompasses compact, walkable neighborhoods and downtown districts that evolved as part of the original passenger rail line.  This original fabric can serve as the framework and the inspiration for re-creating a re-energized transit-supportive community.

To accomplish this renaissance and to ensure the long-term success of the Aberdeen station and station area, the concept master plan has been a process guided by the following tenets:

  • Urban form around stations can greatly influence a station's effectiveness.  The mobility benefits offered by a good transit system are enhanced when riders are provided with an environment in which they can get to their destination comfortably and safely as a pedestrian.
  • A successfully implemented TOD plan is community-based, created and supported by its constituents.


(Results from the Value Exercise Aberdeen Design Concept Workshop)

Aberdeen TOD Design Concept Workshop - August 2, 2011  (Click Here to Download Presentation)

Workshop Table Concepts:

Table 1-A Concept

Table 1-B Concept

Table 2 Concept

Table 3 Concept

Table 4 Concept

(Click Applicable Concept Title to Download the Image.  Double-Clicking the Image Once Loaded will Enlarge for Visiblility)

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Final Aberdeen Station Square Feasibility Study

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