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Telework Partnership with Employers



Improve Your Bottom Line and Make Our Region a Better Place!

More and more businesses are realizing bottom-line benefits from structured telework programs. The Baltimore Metropolitan Council  and the Maryland Department of Transportation have contracted with the Telecommuting Advantage Group to work with a select number of businesses in the Baltimore region.

Their goal is to reduce both traffic congestion and air pollution by helping employers realize the benefits of a formal telework program—at no cost to them! Benefits from telework can include:

  • Improved employee satisfaction resulting in improved employee retention,
  • Increased interest among potential employees along with improved employee retention resulting in reduced recruiting and training costs and a competitive advantage in finding outstanding employees,
  • Reduced employee effort and time spent in commutes resulting in improved productivity,
  • Decreased pressure and increased flexibility on office space needs resulting in reduced office space costs,
  • Other benefits are possible such as diminished parking needs, reduced overhead and others.

Find out how your business can benefit from telework. Get the materials and advice that will help you start a successful telework program. Register with us. It’s absolutely free, there is no obligation of any kind, and we will not share your information with anyone other than our consultant.

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For more information:
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